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It’s here!!!

3 Jul

And sorry you had to wait so long … “Taught by flames” has finally been published! My dearest proofreader tried to catch all mistakes I may have made, but I am sure there a still a few for you to find – and they are all mine!!! (Not sharing.)19598923_1088455481255667_1341620238296673100_n

Anyway, get your copy through the usual channels and let me know if you enjoyed it! And I swear by my cold pinky toe that I will try my best not to leave you waiting so long for the next book! Actually, it’s being plotted and written as we speak.

Just racing around

16 May

… trying to get everything organized and have my coffee while I do it. Nothing much has happened around here, and the things that have been happening are kind of exciting. Most of all, I GOT A BOOK CONTRACT!!! This is not so interesting for you, as it is a contract for a German book with a German publisher, but I am sky-high with endorphines and confusion, and I thought I would let you know. The story contains tentacles and jokes and super heroes and a cat, and maybe we will even find a way to have it translated in the future. Speaking of translations, “School of Fire” had to take a backseat while I was editing the tentacle novel, but I am trying not to forget, and I promise I won’t let you wait as long for the next book in the series.

Caffeinated witch greetings to all of you!

Happy first day of spring, everybody!

20 Mar

This morning I unwrapped the balcony plants. The tiny apple tree has started growing leaves already, and to my neverending surprise neither the lavender plant nor the verveine have died. The avocado tree hasn’t made it, unfortunately. I do have kind of a brown thumb, to be honest.

Spring manifests in other ways as well – I feel a strong urge to purge our apartment, get rid of all kinds of stuff and downsize resp. redecorate. For some time I have been trying to get rid of one unnecessary item per day, such as old clothes, kitchen utensils we never use or decoration. I am a knick-knack horder, and all our shelves are filled with tiny puppets, poppets and gadgets. Some things are given away to people who will appreciate them, others are donated to good causes, and the rest is thrown out. (Germans are masters of recycling, so don’t worry … we have containers for papers, bottles and old clothing on almost every street corner, and every household separates their trash anyway, it’s mandatory – the only thing I miss is a trash can for biodegradable waste, which is optional and which our landlady won’t order because of the costs (and because many people think that these trash cans are especially disgusting … ah well).) Also I have started some major cleaning endeavors, such as foam-cleaning our matresses and shephearding all kinds of blankets and pillows through the washing machine. It’s kind of scary, and I hope this urge goes back to sleep soon.

And I feel the need to eat tons of green stuff – salads, tiny carrots and tomatoes, all kinds of fruit. You name it, I’ll eat it. In winter I prefer soups and stews and potato-laden dishes that are warming and filling, but now I would rather increase my intake of raw plants. Of course this means I have to get to the grocery store more than once per week, for many things don’t keep that long in an average kitchen. Took a BLT salad with some extra chicken (for yummy protein) to the office for lunch today.

Last Friday we did our first official run of the year as well – a 7.5 kilometer run around a lake in Cologne, with the paths lit by torches and a tiny celebration afterwards. We did not stay long, instead drove home and fell asleep on a heap of blankest spread out across the living room floor. That’s my favorite way to spend the weekend.

What else is new? Oh, I have started translating “School of Fire” for you, the fifth of Helena’s magical adventures behind the mountains. The series is intended to end after the ninth book, and by now I even do know where everything is headed. I am currently writing book six in German and hope to get the English and the German version out at the same time. Translating means an extra editing round, after all.

Makes any sense? No? Ah well, stuff happens. Gotta get back to bread-winning, and later curl up on the sofa (freshly cleaned) with some zucchini in tomato and feta cream, served with smoked trout. This witch knows how to spring-party. ^^

Body Poetry

16 Jan

In honor of trying new things, I have written a haiku on my Sunday adventures:

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

Ouch ouch – Pilates

Have a great week!

Minor redecorations

2 Dec

You probably haven’t noticed, but I have redecorated my pages a bit. Listed und “Quilts and feathers”, you can now read a short sample of each of my “Magic behind the mountains” books. Just saying. ^^


SKINNED Cover preview

23 Sep

Skinned Front Cover

Has it really been this long?

16 Sep

I am so sorry! Of course I had to push myself into uncountable projects head over heels, with no plan or structure, and everything has been suffering because of it. Not complaining, I love my life, but with only 24 hours in every day and the occasional potty break there are some things I tend to forget. Such as blogging.

One of the things I have been busy with is the translation of “Witch’s Skin”, the third novel in the series “Magic behind the mountains”. I love revisiting my own stories, but with so little time to get everything done of course progress is slow. When the first draft is done I will return to polishing the German version of the fourth novel, then polish the translation of “Witch’s Skin” and try to catch all errors so you can read it in time. I hope you are at least a tiny bit excited!


Early morning walk impressions.


Tiny Yellow Duck got into trouble at a theme park.


Ronja testing homemade cheese popcorn. I know, usually I don’t give her cheese because of the lactose (cats can’t digest it and may go blind if ingesting too much), but I had used old parmesan, which has hardly any lactose at all.


Using oats with blueberries as an excuse to eat even more lemon curd.


Remember these darlings? I got them for myself as a birthday present two years ago. AFter some polishing they still look as good as new.


And this year (prematurely, my birthday is still almost two months away) they got support. Nothing beats a good pair of boots when it comes to ass-kicking!

Now you got some impressions of my adventures. Mostly food, of course. Oooooh, and I am thinking about a new fun project I don’t have time for, but that’s so far off it might just as well not be true at all. ^^