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8 Jan

The next days are going to be hectic, and I am kind of looking forward to it. Movie, burgers, gym, hairdresser, samaritan errands – the whole package. Throw in the office, exercise, writing and a household, and I kind of don’t know when I will sleep. Only bad thing is that I have not yet gotten around to doing my annual tarot spread, or calculated the holidays. But I figure it will happen, some time.

Over the last five or something years it has been a pattern – when a witchy holiday comes around (full moons, equinoxes etc.), my schedule is always even more packed than usual. I wonder whether the universe is trying to tell me something. Am I supposed to pick my battles? Does it mean I should celebrate the witchy things with the rest of my life instead of trying to keep the worlds apart? I mean, I could gladly fit everything into my life if it weren’t for this pesky office job … just kidding, I really like my job. Despite the clients and the colleagues and the intercultural madness. And the salary is nice, too. I honestly cannot think of a single thing I would want to drop from my schedule.

And how’s your life going? Busy? Chaotic? Or have you found the secret key to having it all (and eating it, too)?