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Visiting the dead – an experience

29 Mar

Soem time ago a friend asked about ways to contact a dead relative, and last week we finally had the chance to try. I was a tiny bit nervous because I have never done any kind of ritual with a person not involved in witchcraft – scratch that, I have only worked with two other people, whom I have known for ages – and actively talking to the deceased is not exactly a thing I do regularly. Still I wanted to give it a try. Seeing (or rather, sensing) energies is a family talent, and in one of the houses my parents lived in before separating, when I was still a university student, I had a friendly relationship with the deceased previous owner of the house, who was living at the top of the stairs*.

Anyway, after asking for advice from a few like-minded people I decided to help said friend create a garden “in-between”, where she could go and meet her relative not only once, but regularly, if she wants to do so, and provide her with a walk-through for this journey.

First of all, I asked her to wear some kind of jewellery owned by her relative, and to prepare a meal this person would have cooked (or liked, and possibly both). We then started out by eating and talking about her family in general and this relative in particular while I decked out a simple altar (basic kit, candles, a few pictures of the person in question). While she was telling me about the individual she hoped to meet, we improvised candleholders from play-dough. The talking took a while, and I think I got a good feeling for the person we were about to meet.

When we were ready, I asked my friend to close her eyes and relax, yoga-style. I then guided her down long, winding stairs, through a door and into a garden. I wanted it to be a place with some kind of wall or fence, to keep random beings from wandering in our out, and I had her look around for a while before guiding her to a place where her relative would be waiting. I found it a bit difficult to estimate the time needed for the encounter, but after a while I guided her back to the stairs and up into everyday reality.

We wrapped everything up by consulting the tarot cards on a few things that had remained unclear to my friend, and I encouraged her to keep the candles and images in a corner of her room as an ancestral shrine, where she might want to lay down food or flower offerings for her relative. She said she would need some time to ponder her experience, but she was seemed content with the food for thought provided.

All things considered, I think it went pretty well. Tehre were a few moments where I would do something different when repeating the ritual, but I found my friend’s voyage to be calm and safe, and she returned with that mild dizziness that often sets in after astral travel. It was weird for me to concentrate outward during the ritual instead of inward, but there was a steady connection and I think this is something I may want to try again.

Have you ever tried to contact the dead, either for yourself or for someone else?


* I have the theory that the energy of beings disintegrates when they die. Some goes on to be reborn, some is sucked into creation to connect with all that is, and part of the essence may be left behind as a spirit or ghost, to complete lessons and watch over their family and loved ones. But that’s just that, a theory. Maybe you have a better one?