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Review: The Violet Countercharm (Pearl Goodfellow)

9 Jul

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Where there’s murder there’s magic. 

Ding Dong! The witch is dead!

Spithilda Roach didn’t croak from natural causes, though. Did one of her attempts at gloomy magic backfire again? Or did one of Spithilda’s many haters finally do her in?

Onyx, Shade, Midnight, Gloom, Eclipse, Carbon, Jet and Fraidy; the group of eight immortal cats that make up The Infiniti, join their witch-in-denial, Hattie, to help solve Spithilda’s murder.
When they come face-to-face with the caustic old witch’s past, they realize it isn’t just magic to be found there. Instead, they find Spithilda’s history is rife with jealousy, revenge, and full moon mania!

Hattie’s inner sorceress is still beckoning, waiting for her to accept the power of her bloodline. But, can she solve the murder without using her innate magic? Only time will tell.

Tick-Tock, Hattie. Tick-Tock.

“The Violet Countercharm” is the second book of the Hattie-Jenkins series, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first book. There are cats, there is romance and mystery, and there is lots and lots of humor. You do not have to have read the first book, although I do not see why you would not want to do so, because they are both hilarious. One might argue that the culprit was a bit too easily found, but still the tale unravels in a breath-taking, highly entertaining way and leaves the reader wanting more.

(Having said that, I am off to download the next books … )


Review: “Goddess rising” by Lyn Thurman

5 Apr

(Disclaimer: I was given a digital review copy. I still wouldn’t say anything if I did not live the book.)

This is the perfect companion for your goddess journey, and I can barely wait to get my own paper copy. Lovingly written, “Goddess rising” takes you on a journey to discover 52 different goddesses/archetypes, learn more about their stories and find out how to integrate them into your life. Lyn Thurman is an expert in all things goddess and spiritual and will carefully help you experience the feminine divine on your own, maybe even finding yourself along the way. There are journal prompts, affirmations and goddess magic activities for each of them, and it is completely up to you how much (or how little, if you are busy like so many) time you can dedicate to this discovery. Read the book from front to back – or the other way around – look for a certain goddess you wish to meet or open a random page and start where fate dropped you off. Either way, I promise you will not be disappointed. Get your copy at Amazon.com, -.co.uk or just ask your local bookstore for a copy the oldfashioned way. I am not judging! ^^

A review: Jailbreaking the goddess (Lasara Firefox Allen)

28 Feb

Book blurb:

Jailbreaking the Goddess is a revolutionary revisioning of the feminine divine. Where the maiden, mother, crone archetypal system is tied to female biology and physical stages of life, the fivefold model liberates the female experience from the shackles of the reproductive model.

In a woman’s lifetime, she will go through several different cycles of beginnings, potential, creation, mastery, and wisdom. This fivefold model is not an adaption of the threefold. It is a new system that embraces the powerful, fluid nature of the lived experience of women today.

Join Lasara Firefox Allen as she explores the nature of the five archetypes; gives examples of what areas of life each might preside over; lists goddesses that fit within each archetype; suggests ways to begin building relationship with the different archetypes; and provides simple rituals for recognition, transition, and invocation.



No breakthroughs, only replacing one system of sorting the deities with another. Many of my friends have been raving about this book, but I just can’t find my way into it. First the author explains that the “maiden-mother-crone” system is harmful to modern women because it is too rigid for the modern world. But then she goes and replaces it with a just-as-rigid system consisting of deities such as the “creatrix”, who is nothing but the mother. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the right book for you, but for me – I was hoping for someone to show the deities in all their glory, instead of providing just a different sorting box. The tasks to be performed are mostly theoretical – at least for the part of the book I could make myself read – and lack divine connection. Sorry, just not my type of book.

Book review: “Filthy witch and dead famous” (Pearl Goodfellow)

17 Jan


Nebula Dreddock has been murdered. Most would say the actress had it coming, but that’s beside the point. Nobody deserves to die this way. Even if it happens to be Gless Inlet’s bitch … ahem … witch-iest A-lister.

Portia Fearwyn, Nebula’s crotchety neighbor, seems the most likely suspect. The pair have shared some bad blood, after all. But, what about Cressida Dreddock, Nebula’s mad-as-a-hatter twin? With multiple escapes from Midnight Hill asylum, it’s soon clear that Nebula’s crazy sister does, in fact, have an even crazier motive to want her famous twin dead.

Reluctant witch, and practicing herbalist, Hattie Jenkins is drawn into the case as herbal consultant. But, wherever Hattie is, her eight (insufferably) immortal black cats aren’t far behind.

Will Hattie and her fuzzy sidekicks find Nebula’s killer before yet another untimely death takes place? And, can Hattie pull it off without having to engage with her inner sorceress?
Join Hattie and The Infiniti as they race against the clock to unravel the clues!

Part one of an eight-part series: Hattie Jenkins and the Infiniti Chronicles.

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This book came to me as recommendation from a good friend, so of course I picked it up between sorting through my virtual ebook files. And I did, indeed, love it! Even though I am not too fond of romance and all. Hattie and her friends are highly likeable characters with personalities of their own, coming alive between the pages without too much description. The world they inhabit is familiar and strange at the same time, and there are many things I feel are worth exploring. Plus the story contains the odd herbal remedy or two (and you get even more when you subscribe to the author’s newsletter!)

All in all I highly recommend this book to everyone looking for an entertaining, cozy, witchy read. If you like cats, tea and/or mysterious murder, you’ll feel right at home.

Look! It’s a marvellous portable altar!

19 Sep




After some (soul) searching and saving, I finally got myself a tiny portable altar from the German shop “Schamanisches Kunsthandwerk” (let’s say, “Shaman Crafts”). By no means am I a shaman, but I like their work – mostly all-natural, handmade stuff. They have amulets made from wood engraved with totem animals or trees, prayer beads, magical mirrors and such. And, yes, they do offer altars. And while I am in love with their tabletop altar, I went for this ingenious portable (almost) all-natural travel altar kit instead. Above you see the pictures. Isn’t it pretty? There were several options to choose from, and I went for the crystal variety without special engraving. It is based on the 5-element-theory and mostly suitable to my needs, including five different crystals, a tiny candle in a glass container with a matching wooden coaster, miniature tools made from wood, triple moon and horned god symbol, a necklace with a pentagram burned into wood and a tiny pendulum, also from all natural material. And yes, it all fits in a leather pouch that, when flattened, turns into a tiny altar surface of about ten inches. The package comes with short instructions on the items included. Nifty, right?

(Sorry for going heavy on the links, I wanted to provide some help in case you want to look around the story a bit.)

For everyday purposes, I plan to use a slimmed-down variety with only the tools and the candle on the coaster with the leather pouch/altar cloth, but I am sure I can make good use of the other items as well. Now, I know that many of you are incredibly crafty and make their own amazing altars for travelling and such, but for the less handy ones such as me, this is a great solution!

What are your solutions for witching “on the go”?

Review: End of dreams (The immortal destiny, volume 1) by Kim Faulks

4 Nov


Description: “A vicious killer hunts a young pregnant woman. He wants more than her blood–he wants her baby too.
Young Eve dreams of being a good mother to her unborn son, that dream is shattered when child killer, Edric Hasting finds her in the middle of the night.
Haunted by the images of black wings on her baby’s ultrasound and the killers last words Eve knows her only hope of survival is to run.
She soon finds hard-bitten detective Adley Scott who dreams of justice for a string of murdered children which hit too close to home.
A group of Immortals are drawn into Eve’s battle for survival as events are played out across the globe by two opposing factions of immortal beings.
The fragile, divine balance of all things is at stake, and the world is the ultimate prize.
Against a background of universe-changing events and an ensemble of vivid, unforgettable characters, Eve and Adley will have to fight to survive as they begin to learn the truth of The Immortal Destiny.”

Let me start off by saying that unless a book manages to really grip my attention right at the beginning, I won’t continue reading. Especially with everything you can find for Kindle these days – there are true gems to be found, but also lots of crap. And this book was a great read. The characters were well-formed, the action never got boring and the descriptions sucked me right into the story.

I would rate it four out of five stars only because there were some minor problems. along the road – things that seemed unlogical, as if the plot idea had changed mid-story or as if something had been edited out of the story or into it at a later point in time. It was never enough to make me not want to continue reading, but enough for me to notice and stumble. Still I highly recommend reading this book.


You can get the book as paperback or ebook.

Review: 5 ingredients, 10 minutes

28 Mar



This is without doubt one of the best cookbooks I have ever bought. And if you think that I am exaggerating, go and ask Richard.

I love buying cookbooks (I may or may not have received three during the last week alone). And you all know I love healthy foods. So this seemed like a great fit. Five ingredients >> inexpensive. 10 minutes >> great after long work days (or when I come home from running at 08:30 P.M.). I had pre-ordered a copy and received it on Saturday, 2013-03-16. Imagine the scene: Late Saturday morning, Richard is having breakfast at the same table where I am sitting with a bunch of cookbooks, trying to decide what I am going to cook for the next week. (We always do it like this.) The doorbell rings, and now imagine Richard’s look of exasperation when I returned with YET ANOTHER COOKBOOK. I leafed through it and decided we would put it to the test immediately. One week trying these recipes.

Richard was doubtful. He does not really like healthy food, or at least most of it. Once he told me that McD* food is the perfect fuel for his body. Yeah, he is that kind of guy. Fortunately I do not listen to him when I make our weekly meal plan.

So far he has only said positive things about every single recipe we have tried. Obviously this is The Health Cook Book For Guys.

Having this out of the way, let’s talk about the details.


  1. Quick recipes
  2. Healthy recipes
  3. Many of the recipes can be thrown together at the office in a hurry.
  4. Every recipe comes with at least three different recommendations to mix things up (such as vegan varieties, nut- or dairy-free varieties, carnivore varieties and such). In effect you get more than 400 recipes in this book.
  5. Huge portions


  1. If you are like me and, for example, boil your potatoes yourself instead of using precooked, some recipes will take longer than 10 minutes.
  2. The “5 ingredients” do not include things such as oil for cooking or spices. If you are a true cooking beginner, instructions such as “season” may seem a bit daunting. But I have not felt the need to add anything but maybe a bit of salt and pepper to most dishes. (I used a bit of mustard on the Mexican beef, but that was probably necessary because I grabbed a really crappy brand of salsa.)
  3. Lots of legumes. That is not a problem for everyone (especially not for me), but Richard is extremely sensitive to them and gets stomach cramps if he eats too much plant-based protein. We are working on a remedy for that.
  4. Huge portions. Really, REALLY huge portions. Every recipe serves 2(-3), according to the book, and we can usually at least get three servings out of it, even if we are really hungry. I have to remind myself to only eat as much as feels comfortable, even thoug everyting is wickedly delicious.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that this is a healthy cookbook, and not a weight-loss cookbook. Which I do like. (At the office, there are frequent discussions about how some things cannot be healthy because of OMG THE CALORIES!) I do not even want to know the stats of the red curry with potatoes, cashews and full-fat coconut milk. It is too plain delicious to even think about that. Cheesecake cups with mascarpone and lemon curd? To die for, but not necessarily low-cal. ^^ But there are also plenty of recipes with good low-cal stats.

You are still reading this? What are you waiting for? Go and grab your copy of the book NOW!