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Happy first day of spring, everybody!

20 Mar

This morning I unwrapped the balcony plants. The tiny apple tree has started growing leaves already, and to my neverending surprise neither the lavender plant nor the verveine have died. The avocado tree hasn’t made it, unfortunately. I do have kind of a brown thumb, to be honest.

Spring manifests in other ways as well – I feel a strong urge to purge our apartment, get rid of all kinds of stuff and downsize resp. redecorate. For some time I have been trying to get rid of one unnecessary item per day, such as old clothes, kitchen utensils we never use or decoration. I am a knick-knack horder, and all our shelves are filled with tiny puppets, poppets and gadgets. Some things are given away to people who will appreciate them, others are donated to good causes, and the rest is thrown out. (Germans are masters of recycling, so don’t worry … we have containers for papers, bottles and old clothing on almost every street corner, and every household separates their trash anyway, it’s mandatory – the only thing I miss is a trash can for biodegradable waste, which is optional and which our landlady won’t order because of the costs (and because many people think that these trash cans are especially disgusting … ah well).) Also I have started some major cleaning endeavors, such as foam-cleaning our matresses and shephearding all kinds of blankets and pillows through the washing machine. It’s kind of scary, and I hope this urge goes back to sleep soon.

And I feel the need to eat tons of green stuff – salads, tiny carrots and tomatoes, all kinds of fruit. You name it, I’ll eat it. In winter I prefer soups and stews and potato-laden dishes that are warming and filling, but now I would rather increase my intake of raw plants. Of course this means I have to get to the grocery store more than once per week, for many things don’t keep that long in an average kitchen. Took a BLT salad with some extra chicken (for yummy protein) to the office for lunch today.

Last Friday we did our first official run of the year as well – a 7.5 kilometer run around a lake in Cologne, with the paths lit by torches and a tiny celebration afterwards. We did not stay long, instead┬ádrove home and fell asleep on a heap of blankest spread out across the living room floor. That’s my favorite way to spend the weekend.

What else is new? Oh, I have started translating “School of Fire” for you, the fifth of Helena’s magical adventures behind the mountains. The series is intended to end after the ninth book, and by now I even do know where everything is headed. I am currently writing book six in German and hope to get the English and the German version out at the same time. Translating means an extra editing round, after all.

Makes any sense? No? Ah well, stuff happens. Gotta get back to bread-winning, and later curl up on the sofa (freshly cleaned) with some zucchini in tomato and feta cream, served with smoked trout. This witch knows how to spring-party. ^^


Out with the old

12 Dec

As Yule nears, with the new year on its heels, this is a perfect time to get rid of some of that old stuff you have accumulated over the moons. This includes exes, old mail, bad habits and – yes – clothing.

Last night while Richard was still busy working, I went through my wardrobe, tried on everything and decided what to keep, what to get rid of and what to stash in the basement in the hope it may fit again next summer.


I got rid of five(!!) garbage bags of clothing.

SchrankAnd this is what my wardrobe looks like now.

On the top we have pants – those that fit on the left, those that are just a number too small on the right. Sad, don’t you think? (I have three pairs of pants in the laundry – one pair of jeans, one pair of burgundy corduroy pants – very nineties, I know – and one pair of cheap pinstriped trousers for the office).

On the second shelf: T-shirts, long-armed shirts and cardigans/jackets.

Below that: Comfy clothes and pajamas and a box of undies.

Last shelf: exercise clothes and a box of socks – most of them knitted by my mother. ^^

The bottom compartment is reserved for shoes and “stuff”. We all have special places for random stuff, right? Right???

Next I hope to convince Richard that he has to do the same with his wardrobe as well. It is overflowing with T-shirts he has not worn even once in the last seven years. Maybe on Sunday. After that I hope to sort through our knicknack drawers and sort our mail from the last year, which I keep piling onto my desk. Not the perfect solution, I’ll admit.

And then we’ll have time to celebrate Yule and enjoy our cookies and stories. Are you preparing for the new year already?