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FML – Feminist Manhating Lesbians are taking over the world!

8 Aug

And obviously I am one of them. ^^

Okay, three steps back. The coffee is kicking in. You may have noticed that I occasionally engage in the futile hobby of arguing with people on the internet – I just can’t let hate and discrimination stand on their own, I have to counterprop them (is that even a word?) with arguments and a bit of comic relief. Anyway, once the other people run out of arguments, they resort to the master class of discussion: Insulting your opponent.

I used to be the “ugly, fat chick”.

Now, I am the “ugly, man-haired, dirty hippie Lesbian”.

Because you know, no heterosexual, boring woman in her right mind would go and get herself a reasonable haircut when we all know that men value us purely based on the length of our lucious hair. Right?

I ignore the “ugly” comment, for that is just white-noise rambling to me. I’m smart and funny, what else do I need?

I argue the hair thing – if I had man hair, my hairdressing appointments would cost way less! (This is unfair, by the way.)

I confirm the “dirty hippie” thing – no way denying, right? I love everyone, protect the environment, practice witchcraft, eat my vegetables, … what else could I be?

BUT. I never argue with the “Lesbian” thing. I really, really, really do not want to act as if that was an insult, for it shouldn’t be – it should not matter whom (or how many) you love, and it should not matter whether your play genital memory or genital lock-picking at home, or how many participants your game has.

Come on, people, up your insult game!