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No news is good news

24 Apr

After how many years of trying??? – I am finally falling into a sustainable everyday witching routine. No elaborate rituals, no esbaths or sabbaths, no sunlight greeting rituals. I swear it is not much to talk about. But it comes just in time for life to get really hectic, as I try to get three novels self-published this year and compete in a Strongman Run 10K race in September. Believe me, I do not even know where we have most of our cleaning supplies, life is just so busy.

Most of my witching routine consists of small prayers, and of really listening to nature when I am outside – a jay accompanying me on my runs (actually hopping from branch to branch near me, probably to distract me from his nest … or because my orange running shirt is just so fucking pretty ^^ ), rare flowers growing form the cracks in the sidewalk, weird cloud formations. Even if I am not doing active magic most of the time, I feel this gives me a better grip on witching life, and reduces my urge to kill people.

How has life been treating you in the meantime?


Best intentions and plans

5 Jan

With the help of three apps, I am trying to stick to my “newsolutions”, and I thought some of you might find this interesting as well, be it the new year or not.

Instead of going with the traditionals (more exercise, quit smoking, be a better person in general), I have made the resolution to make mor time for myself and my witching – figuring that this is completely selfless, as it will make the world a better place with less dead people. (NO, I have not killed anyone. But sometimes I wish I could. Don’t judge, we’ve all been there.)

  1. As I have not yet found the perfect spell to put more hours into the day, I must instead manage my time more wisely. Which brings me to my first app: It’s called Routines, how very boring, and it helps me break down my housekeeping tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. If I stick to it, I do not have to spend more than thirty or at most forty minutes per day cleaning and organizing stuff on work days, and maybe an hour per day on weekends – and the place looks kind of inhabitable. Basically, Routines lets you create your own check lists. Some people may find it annoying that they have to come up with all their rhythms themselves, but I liked it, because I know best what I want cleaned how often (and I had a “Housekeeping made easy” book to help me determine on my routines). I try to make housekeeping time in the morning before I head towards the office, so I come back to a cleanish place and have the afternoon and evening for more important tasks. And every time I want to procrastinate, I can pick just another task from my lists which fits my procrastination window.
  2. Then there is Streaks, where you can manage things you want to (or think you should) do regularly. The app holds up to twelve tasks, you can choose an appropriate symbol for everything and determine whether you want to do it (several times) every day, on a certain weekday or once a week/month/… – you get the idea. Of course I could have put it into my “routines” app, but I definitely wanted to keep cleaning and the cool stuff separated, so I won’t get confused. So this app is for fun challenges, such as making time to meditate or play with the cats, practice the ukulele and brush up on my Dutch skills. The app records, as the name has probably already given away, how many days in a row I have done the fun things.
  3. And in order to meditate properly, I have splurged and gotten a full yearly subscription to Calm, an app with relaxing music, bedtime stories read to you by professionals, and guided meditations on various topics as well as a breathing exercise. I like the voices, and the speed of the meditations, and they regularly put up new content. The subscription is kind of expensive, but since I have been using it for quite some time, it is totally worth it. There is lots of content for free, if you want to try it out first, too.

Of course I am still at the experimental stage, but right now it feels as if by managing the tasks and fun activities, I am actually more refreshed – even after sleeping only five hours last night because I had to have cocktails with a friend before we went to the cinema, and then spent some time with the guy watching forensic documentaries while eating cheese. I have even felt the urge to *gasp* learn embroidery. We’ll see how it turns out in a few months, when the excitement wears off and the office becomes a pit of devastation for the summer months.

(Disclaimer: I also track my food intake and exercise output, but that is definitely just a means to an end and kind of obsessive instead of fun, and totally not necessary for just about everybody.)

(Another disclaimer: I do tend ot obsess about plans and to-do lists. It’s a quirk that only makes me so much more loveable.)

Do you have any favorite apps or tricks to help keep your life on track? And, by the way, do you know any good witchign apps? ^^

Making the most of it

5 Sep

We got a few days off at the office, and I am trying to make the most of it. So far I have visited my older sister and my oldest friend, gone on more runs that any reasonable person would admit to, made muffins, visited some more friends and spent a lot of time catching up on “Orphan Black”. Oh, and I have been writing. But you guessed that already, right?

So, that’s basically it. In my few spare minutes I have been reading up on green witchcraft. Recently … for the past year or two, I guess … I have found most books on witchcraft lacking. Either they are poorly researched, or they portray a kind of witchcraft that is mostly aimed at privileged people with lots of free time and money to waste on crafts material – or maybe I have read the wrong kind of books? I wish there was more material on how to truly merge everyday life and witchcraft in a way that is open to everyone who wishes to travel this path. Playing at fairy-dancing under the full moon (there is a full moon tonight, by chance) is all good and fun, but I still dream of witchcraft to change and better and … heal the world.

The ramblings of an undercaffeinated writer. ^^

Tiny changes

10 Oct

But nothing much.

The mysterious toilet has disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared. Fall is crashing into the landscape, leaving trails of bleeding trees and frost on the ground. Everyone is breaking out the heavy sweaters. And I really need to buy new pants.

The idea of doing an obstacle race refuses to die. I was ill for so long at the beginning of the year (normal cough, expert cough, ankle trouble) that we decided to postpone till next year. This gives us almost a year to train for a (hypothetical) race in September, and leaves me with enough breathing room to do a Strongman Run by the time I am thirty-five. Right now I run ten kilometers three times per week and try to get used to strength training at the gym. At the beginning of the next year I hope to get a few trainer sessions scheduled and start using free weights, at least part of the time, and maybe take on a pilates class for general torture. Oh, and I need to lose about twenty kilograms of fat to make it easier to hurl myself over the obstacles. Or that’s the plan.

Sounds boring? I don’t know, I am kind of hyped. You may have forgotten that Diana is my patron goddess, no matter how hard we fight, and moving my body, especially running through the woods, has become our kind of prayer/ritual. Sometimes birds of prey accompany me on my runs – either waiting for a nice snack once I collapse, or in order to encourage me. Who knows? My running speed has increased slighty (from originally 7:30/km to 6:15/km over the course of several years *ahem*), but I mostly enjoy that I can run rather long distances without interruption and not get hurt in the progress.

Of course there will be less wood-running as the evenings go darker, and I am not sure that the treadmill at the gym is a suitable substitute, but I will keep you posted. And in the meantime there is plenty of time for candles and horror movies and long graveyard walks. Maybe I’ll bring a few pictures the next time. ^^

18 Aug


To be honest, our neighborhood is far from shitty. Quite the contrary. We’re one of those places where neighbors spy on watch out for each other and there are disputes over whether you have parked in the wrong spot – which belongs to the neighboring flat, although that neighbor does not even have a car and the spot is ALWAYS empty and the other neighbor has been parking his BMW so close to your spot that the only thing you could park there is a children’s bicycle, but he rented the flat with the parking spot and he’ll be damned if he lets anyone else park there for we’re in Germany and there are RULES, goddamnit, and where will this all end if everyone parks their car where they want to, these savages, in the olden days those punks would have been set straight by their parents no matter their age!

Mostly we like living here. We keep our heads down, smile when we meet the neighbors, park our car in our spot (unless the BMW is parked too far on the right, then we park out in front on the street, but that is not bad, either, for nothing ever happens around here) and keep to ourselves.

And right now we are watching dirt getting stirred up.

Two families are moving in simultaneously, and doing lots of renovating and stuff.

You know, this is a QUIET house. The people do not like other people drilling or opening doors or walking in the hallway after a certain time. The last people who moved in here moved out again after just three months because some of the older inhabitants had a veritable smearing campaign going on against them because their dogs were too loud and the older dog sometimes peed in front of the house. They told everyone that the woman was being looked for by the police, called animal protection over alelged dog abuse and wrote her landlord scathing letters about what kind of FILTH had he brought into the house??!

And now two new families. One couple in their fourties, polite and well-off, who put up letters when they have loud construction going on and leave chocolate on your doorstep as an edible excuse. (I like them.)

The other one, from what I have seen, a younger couple, maybe our age, with lots of family helping and drilling on weekends and a tiny child, which means they leave their buggy in the hallway sometimes.

I wonder how long they will last.

Firsts and self-care

30 Jun

Tuesday I went with a friend and colleague to get my first ever pedicure. I think the beautician was amazed at the amount of dead skin under my feet (this post is maybe not for the squeamish, just saying). And apart from being disgusting,this is probably not much to talk about. Except … my feet have a history. Kind of.

When I moved away from home to attend university, I would often feel overwhelmed and anxious, and I did not know what was causing these feelings. In an attempt to divert my attention, I would cut the soles of my feet and peel the skin off – not quite drawing blood (most days). The physical pain would override all emotional confusion – sometimes feeling as if I was walking on knives, I would make it through another day.

Over time, the scars became thick callouses.

I haven’t cut in years (and try to limit all kinds of self-harm to socially accepted forms, like getting rid of stray facial hair, and sometimes I tear my lips when I am extremely stressed), and recently I decided it was time to take care of the scars as well.

When we arrived I was afraid I would stress out – I do not like being touched by strangers even on good days. But I have to say, it was a gratifying experience. My feet are baby soft, I have lost at least one centimeter in height and am amazed how flexible feet can be without “hooves” underneath.

And now – how often does one have to repeat these things? I suck at being a grown-up woman. ^^

Out with the old!

25 Nov

And for a good cause, at that.

This morning I emptied our linnen closet, which was bursting at the seams. About three quarters of what was inside will be washed, dried and donated for the refugees that are still swarming to Europe. Especially now that it is cold I refuse to discuss refugee politics and legal tricks. These people are here now, and they are cold. So I collected a bunch of blankets, pillows and sheets, together with some of my beloved scarves, to be washed and set aside until one of the official collectors comes our way (or I have the car and time to drop it off somewhere).  We have so much stuff, it is almost embarrassing!

Especially after the attacks in Paris and the fear of future terrorist cromes, people are shouting about how we take in too many refugees and how some of them may be dangerous or have bad character (or suck at maths, who knows). And every now and then cultures clash and there may be fights in refugee camps and of course the media is all over it, especially some papers, and every single time you hear some people say, “See? All those strong, illegal immigrants, male, mostly criminal, and we’re welcoming them and bending over to accommodate their anti-democratic views!”

And maybe they are right.

My point is, that’s beside the point. We cannot let people starve or freeze just because we might not agree with their world view.

Of course I expect everyone who comes here to stick to the rules and not commit any crimes. If they do – and if they are caught – the legal system will deal with it. But I don’t think we can, in good conscience, deny people from war-torn countries refuge, and we surely cannot interrogate them at the borders to decide who is welcome and who must stay outside.

And when they are here, I think we should do our best not to let them die.