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Making time and having it all

18 Jul

What a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, it hardly ever works out this way. I still fondly remember the times when, during summer vacation, I read a thousand-pages book in a day, sitting in our garden and completely forgetting the coffee next to me. This year I decided to track my reading, and so far I have completed twenty-one books. That’s not all that bad, but I wish it could have been more.

I also haven’t run as much as I would like, haven’t written as much as I would like, haven’t witched as much as I would like, and haven’t made as many pretty cakes as I would like. Everyday life keeps getting in the way. It also keeps me from meeting friends and family. or getting enough sleep, or watching all the TV shows I would like to watch.

And I KNOW this is a first-world problem. My comfortable office job, which pays not too bad, keeps me from pursuing all my hobbies and dreams. I am sorry. I will stop complaining now. Just know that I am not yet dead. I am not yet famous, either, but working on that.

Oh, and I am training our cats to jump through hoops. Best use of my time ever.

Anyway, what have you been up to?