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September round-up

30 Sep

This September was kind of ridiculous, in a good way.

First, I went to a friend’s birthday party in my old hometown, and on that occasion also met my sister and her family.

Then said friend and I went on a trip to Bruges in Belgium.

The next weekend, I participated in my first obstacle race.

(Some pictures taken by Richard, some by Sportograf.)

After that, we visited Sicily, or mainly Catania, where we had secured a lovely flat for a week.

And only today, I met my word count for the next “Magic behind the mountains” adventure, completed edits while I was at it and am now ready to send everything out to my test readers in the coming days. I have also started collecting material for the cover picture.

The working title is “Skeleton blues”. And yes, my mother got me the bones of a complete roasted suckling pig.

So, this is the life. This is pretty much what people dream of – adventures, accomplishments, fun times and great food. I wonder whether it will get any better than this. I mean, next month I will be at my first book fair as a traditionally published author, and I hope to complete my first 10K race in under 60 minutes. And next year I intend to publish three more books, get started querying for the ones after “Magic behind the mountains” has ended and drag Richard on a new trip – this time it is my turn to choose, and I am thinking: Prague or Norway? ^^


We went on an adventure – to Iceland

1 May

We don’t travel nearly as much as I would like, but in April we had the opportunity to visit an old friend who recently moved to Iceland to be a professional pony hugger, and of course we jumped at the opportunity! I managed to pick a still ridiculously large group of pictures out of the more than 1.5K photos we brought back home (for most of which I blame Richard, of course) to share with you. Sounds great? I thought so!

Well, we were gone for a week.

Which Ronja did not like, but we could not bring her. Another friend took care of the cats in exchange for some homemade lemon curd and the opportunity to use our PS4. So we set out early on Monday, having packed everything and the duck, for departure from Frankfurt. It’s a really big and really busy airport. As a contrast you see a view from the FlyBus, which brought us from the airport in Keflavik to Reykjavik. From there we travelled by bus to Hveragerdi, where our friends were waiting for us with a meal and a bed. Both much appreciated!

The next days were spent driving around and trying to take in as much of the country as possible in this short amount of time.

On the first day we miscalculated our schedule and so only were able to see two out of three attractions of the “Golden Circle” tour, namely Thingvellir (where they used to gather to discuss problems and present new laws in the old days), which is a huge national park these days, and Geysir – the name speaks for itself. This was the only day we had a significant amount of rain, so we were very lucky!

Wednesday was spent driving several hundred kilometers to take in the landscape and see two major attractions – the first one being the black beach at Vik. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend going there. Just don’t step too close to the water, the waves are sneaky and pull in several tourists each year. This was one amazing place, and I would have been happy to just stay there for the rest of our trip. Bundled up with a mug of coffee, of course.

The second “big thing” on this trip was the glacier lagoon, complete with seals. It was amazing, and far more so than you can see in the photos.

Thursday was a slow day. We took a walk around Hveragerdi. The hot water from the ground is used for heating, to generate electricity – and it’s the actual hot water coming from the tab at home. Oh, and we just had to buy “möffins”.

And in the afternoon said friend took us on a ride. I hadn’t been on a horse since I was eleven or so, and Richard since the age of five (I guess that doesn’t even count as riding), but we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

On Friday night we were supposed to return to Reykjavik. Before that, though, we followed some advice and hiked up a mountain. The view was amazing! And we were rewarded for our troubles …

… by taking a bath in a hot river! This seems to be a gathering place for hikers and tourists, and it was amazing! Snow on the mountains around you, the air smelling of sulphur, and pale bodies immersed in water that is, depending on where you enter, either almost too hot or just right. We took our time before hiking back down, and then in the evening took the bus back to Reykjavik.

We ended up in a funny little hostel not too far from town with stairs so narrow we had to unpack Richard’s luggage and get everything up to our room separately. It was maybe not too luxurious, but it surely did the trick, as it was warm and kind of quiet (except for the Asian guys partying downstairs).IMG_3323

Taking a break in our room.

The main reason for going to Reykjavik was Richard’s wish to go whale-watching. Which we did, although the sea was declared to be rough. And indeed, as soon as we left the harbor, you could constantly hear someone puking. I was feeling not too well myself, either, but once we were outside I felt better. And we were rewarded by seeing several dolphins and minke whales as well as puffins. Richard also saw a humpback whale, while I spotted only its blow.

Reykjavik is rather small, so you can see everything by walking around half a day. You can also eat amazing hotdogs. We did not visit the phallological museum, which I found kind of sad. And then we retreated for the night, as we had to get up extremely early to catch our FlyBus back to the airport at four thirty in the morning. Of course we started planning our next adventures before we were even back in Germany. ^^

Procrastinacious is totally a word now

27 Jan

Yeah, going out for a run in the rain was not one of my best ideas. Do you know this feeling when you have been sitting on your shapely ass for too long? That. And when I went outside, it was just a drizzle. A cold, depressing January drizzle. Which turned into a proper downpour and drenched me to the bone before I had even reached the woods. But once I was wet, I thought I might just as well keep running.

My glasses kept fogging – I’m just too hot, I know. Several times I slowed down to wipe them clean, and finally just took them off and held them in my hand while running. Since it was getting dark quicker than anticipated I could not see the path properly anyway.

Seems everyone else was more clever than me and stayed inside, so I had the woods to myself. And then I came past two tiny snowmen, white shapes standing among black trees and dead leaves – scary sight! I tell you, the memory kept me running for the last two kilometers. (I scare easily – once I almost punched a guy off his bike because I was listening to a pretty realistic zombie story while running.)

Back home, I poured the water out of my shoes, peeled off my socks – and part of my toe skin as well! If I keep this up, I might just as well grow gills and fins, What do you think? At least the shower was hot, and now I am sitting here procrastinating and drinking hot mulled elderberry juice.After that I may cook Indian beef with peas and cauliflower and then snuggle up on the sofa with either a guy or a cat (whoever offers less resistance). Perfect end to an interesting day!

Dress-up ghosts

19 Nov

Yeah, do you remember that post? Good, for I’ve got news for you!

At the beginning of the year I found strange pajama pants in our laundry. Back then I didn’t think much about it. Our bedroom has a built-in wardrobe, and I thought maybe the previous occupants had just forgotten one piece in a dark corner. It happens, right? We went through every drawer and cleaned everything out while we were at it.

Now, two days ago I was looking for our cats. They like to hide in my shoe compartment and sniff my worn ballerinas. Down on my knees I went, switched on the flashlight, et voilà:

IMG_0431White tennis socks. I thought the government had banned those in the eighties?

Anyway, none of us have white socks. (I don’t like cleaning floors.)

IMG_0433Unwrapped mystery. Socks, with tennis.

Right away I called Richard and told him of my discovery. I mean, what would the average guy think when he comes home and find’s a stranger’s socks in the bedroom? We discussed the matter a while and came up with the following theories as to how they might have gotten here:

  1. Someone is living on the roof, entering our flat while we’re at work, eating through our fridge and washing their socks.
  2. A stalker got a second set of keys and comes into our flat during the day to rub himself all over our shoes. Don’t ask me why he takes his socks off for that.
  3. Ghosts are playing dress-up in our wardrobe.

Well, okay, maybe we simply didn’t clean the wardrobe as thoroughly, and those are still from the previous inhabitant. But I like my stories better. Although admittedly it feels a little weird at night being all alone right now. ^^

Adventures in self-publishing

6 May

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth once again… have been busy with my self-publishing adventures. Soon I hope to add translations of my work to this adventure as well, but since the day only has 24 hours (25 if I get up early)…

I have taken three manuscripts and turned them into e-books and, via Createspace, into paperback novels. What have I learned?

  1. No one cares about your work, unless you make them care.
  2. Advertising is hard work, especially for introverts.
  3. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  4. Everything takes longer than expected.

I guess these lessons go beyond self-publishing… it still feels good to have my own stories printed and with a pretty cover, but while for a traditionally publishing author the work is basically done once he receives his copies, my work has only begun. So, just saying – be prepared, for as soon as I have completed and polished my translations, I’ll tell you all about it, whether you want it or not! ^^

(On Thursday I will do my first public reading, kind of nervous about that, and as usual I have no idea what I am doing…)

Surprise Halloween Read!!!

30 Oct

All souls' children cover

I DID IT!!! My urban fantasy novel “All souls’ children” is available as ebok for Kindle (and to be read on smart devices or computers if you have the Kindle app – it’s free!). What are you waiting for? And just in time for Halloween…

This is the book blurb I came up with (I am not good with this sort of thing):

“MAGIC CONSULTANT AND SOLUTIONS. This is the slogan on Helena Willow’s business card. But when the mayor of Riverton asks her to find a missing Wicca, it is not much help. For the missing woman not only has a secret lover, an unborn child and a weird coven, but also a dubious past. It almost seems as if no one really wants to find her. With the help of Falk, whose own past does not only include murder and manslaughter, Helena sets out to find the young woman.
While emotions come to a boil and several groups attempt to instrumentalize this case for their own purposes, Helena and Falk meet resistance every way they turn. It seems to be for the best if the missing woman remains part of a statistic. But once Helena has made up her mind, there is no stopping her. After all, she has an arsenal of tricks. But what she and Falk find, finally, deep in the mountains, turns her blood to ice.

This is a story about gods, humans and monsters, set in a world where magic is part of life and where witches have to pay taxes.”

Sounds good?

Then head over here to get your copy!

(I am looking into print on demand procedures right now for all those people who prefer real books, but that may have to wait until I am at least a tiny bit rich. ^^)

What I have been up to

21 Oct

Nothing much, really. We are packing boxes and getting ready to move – me trying to throw away everything we have not used in the last four years, Richard pulling most of it out of the trash once more – and are in the middle of planning a Halloween crime dinner (where you get assigned a character, dress up and try to solve a murder) and our annual vacation (Morocco, woohoo!) and are trying not to go insane from everyday madness.

Plus, I have been wasting precious time playing with Kindle Direct Publishing, putting two novels I wrote up for purchase over on Amazon. Unfortunately they are only in German, but I am in the middle of rectifying that as well – translating my urban fantasy novel telling the adventures of professional witch Helena Willow and, against all odds, hoping to get that one up before Halloween as well. The most fun I have had with publishing, so far, was the photo shoot I did for the cover of “All Soul’s Children”, involving some crafty adventures where I almost glued myself to the cats, some gold spray paint and a fake zombie hand. Admit it – a book necessitating props as these can’t be bad. ^^