Diandra’s marvellous glossary

* Welcome to Diandra’s marvellous glossary *

CHOCOLATE: Inherent part of this glossary and its author.

COLLEAGUES (plur.): You can’t hear the definition because we are all talking at once!

CORPORATE LADDER, climbing the: Well, actually these are solid stairs. I climb them several times per day, when the boss calls. Ack.

GIRLFRIEND: Does the same job as a secretary, but without payment.

MUMMY: Ancient mythical creature with high nagging potential – depending on the condition of your room. Organized your day and made you keep appointments.

OFFICE: The only place where I sit still long enough for my nailpolish to dry properly.

SECRETARY: Does the job Mummy used to do, no nagging, gets paid.

THUMBS: Human appendices that, depending on color, either nurture or kill plants.


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