New Year, new me?

31 Dec

Don’t think so, I haven’t gotten fed up with the old one yet. ^^

2017 has been an exhausting as well as amazing year – Chaospony Verlag has published my hilarious tentacle novel, I’ve done my first obstacle race, and also completed the next “Magic behind the mountains” episode, and reached the top of my goal weight range. I’ve been at a book fair with my publisher and done my first public reading, and I have made more time to see family and friends. But all these things have left me with an extremely packed schedule, and towards the end of the year, exhaustion has crept up and wrapped its spiked arms around me. Friends have died. I know that many people dear to me have had a crappy year, including break-ups and nasty health- and job-related stuff.

It feels as if we are walking into the new calendar year holding our breaths – we are hoping for a break, or maybe even long-lasting improvement, but there might be fucktons of shoes yet to drop.

Like any normal and irrational human being, I have taken the time between my birthday and the end of December to come up with things I want to do in the coming year:

  • I have registered for a Strongman 10 K (in September, stay tuned … waiting for the first panic attack!)
  • There are three more novels to finish the “Magic behind the mountains” series, which I hope to have done and published by November 2018.
  • As always – I want to do more witching.
  • AND, to make matters worse, I have to find ways to do all this – writing, training, socializing, housekeeping – and simultaneously find better ways to recover and keep my strength throughout the year.

And I have been mulling over my long-term plans. By the age of 40, I would like enough income from novel-writing that I can at least scale back to a half-time job, or maybe quit the office altogether (I love translating and am not likely to stop, but I need more free time). I would also like to at least spend my free time in the country – unless I can convince the guy that we are not going to get killed in a far-away cottage with acres of garden and our own chickens and at least goats. Five years to get this done – shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Maybe it is because I am growing older, or maybe it’s this endless well of completely unsupported optimism – but I keep thinking to myself, When am I going to do this if I don’t start now? Who is going to do this but me?

Let’s make a deal – write your hopes and plans for the coming years down in the comments, or if you have your own end-of-year blog post, leave me the link. And in one year, we’ll return and laugh at our ridiculous optimism. Okay?


One Response to “New Year, new me?”

  1. peppylady (Dora) January 1, 2018 at 4:29 am #

    What would us human be with out our goals…Coffee is on

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