If only I knew how to stop

22 Dec

Every year when Yule rolls around, I find myself in the same time – drained from taking care of everyone else’s needs, unable to catch a break or tell other people “no”. It does not help that the guy and I have very different opinions on how to spend the holidays, or what makes a holiday a good break from everyday life. Today is the last work day of the year for me, and I am truly struggling not to rip off everyone’s head when we are all in a mad frenzy to get as much done as possible before the place closes down. (And believe me, most others around here are just as worn-out, stressed and on the edge.)

Which makes me wonder – how do we stop this? It might be a great time to rest, to be merry, to do something for ourselves to “fill our cups” (with something else than mulled wine). Seems jsut too difficult to practice what everyone preaches each year.

So, how about you? Running around like mad reindeer mice? Or have you found the magic key to not driving yourself and everyone around you crazy? If so, please share. Or vent, if you haven’t.



2 Responses to “If only I knew how to stop”

  1. petoskeystone December 23, 2017 at 3:15 pm #

    Still have three batches of cookies to bake & five felt stockings to make. Stockings will be completed before Christmas week is out & there are plenty of spare stockings to use. Hard for me to get excited about The Day when daughters boyfriend (& daddy of Grand #4) keeps switching schedules 🙄

    • diandralinnemann December 23, 2017 at 8:40 pm #

      Sounds as if you’ve been busy! Getting all people together at one table can be difficult when everyone’s got their own schedule … I think that’s why some people stick with traditional schedules. Once everything fits, never mess with it again. ^^

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