I have magical powers!

14 Sep

By that I do not just mean the ability to make huge amounts of cheese disappear. ^^

We were sitting in the car on our way back from Bruges last Sunday. My friend Stephanie and I had spent a weekend away from everything, to catch up, look at old houses, and eat everything Belgium has to offer (namely waffles, fries, chocolate, and beer). Anyway, we had seen all we wanted to see, eaten all we wanted to eat, and walked more kilometers than any reasonable person would plan to, and the duck was sitting on the dashboard looking out at the highway.

Me, “By the way, I have magical powers.”

Her, “You don’t say.”

Me, “Do you remember that tiny hut at the edge of the woods, around the corner from our flat? The one I had used as a safe place for that stupid teenager in my last book?”

Her, “What about it?”

Me, “They demolished it.”

Riverton, in the real world (and in the original German novels) is my current hometown Bonn. And I frequently use places one can walk past in real life, with as much detail as I remember while writing. So far:

  • the bank mentioned in book one has been destroyed and replaced with a new building;
  • the conference center has been turned into a hotel;
  • the former embassy Helena is sitting on at the beginning of book one has been turned into luxury apartments;
  • the “Institute of Cryptozoology” has been sold and renovated;
  • the townhall is under critical assessment due to supposedly unstable structures, either to be demolished or renovated;
  • the place where the first dead body is presented in book four has been turned into a construction site for apartments;
  • the hut from book five has been demolished.

Basically I renovate the town by writing about certain buildings. It is kind of cool, right? However, I am havong doubts about book seven – it was supposed to take place in and around the castle in Stephanie’s hometown, where my family used to live. I mean, that castle has been around for about a thousand years. What could a single fantasy writer do about it? We may find out.

And now – which building would you write new?


One Response to “I have magical powers!”

  1. Magaly Guerrero September 19, 2017 at 7:44 am #

    I always knew you were magic. 😉

    I’ve written a few structures back to life (and some people to death, of course).

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