Review: “Goddess rising” by Lyn Thurman

5 Apr

(Disclaimer: I was given a digital review copy. I still wouldn’t say anything if I did not live the book.)

This is the perfect companion for your goddess journey, and I can barely wait to get my own paper copy. Lovingly written, “Goddess rising” takes you on a journey to discover 52 different goddesses/archetypes, learn more about their stories and find out how to integrate them into your life. Lyn Thurman is an expert in all things goddess and spiritual and will carefully help you experience the feminine divine on your own, maybe even finding yourself along the way. There are journal prompts, affirmations and goddess magic activities for each of them, and it is completely up to you how much (or how little, if you are busy like so many) time you can dedicate to this discovery. Read the book from front to back – or the other way around – look for a certain goddess you wish to meet or open a random page and start where fate dropped you off. Either way, I promise you will not be disappointed. Get your copy at, or just ask your local bookstore for a copy the oldfashioned way. I am not judging! ^^


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