Never too old to learn … on Climate Change, for example.

7 Feb

This morning, I started calculating … last November I turned 34. Which means that I have, depending on luck, genes and a bit of self-care, I have about 50 to 60 years left on this planet. Which means, consequently, that I have 50 to 60 more years to remain either dumb(ish) or continue learning on all kinds of topics which have no connection and may turn me into even more of a weirdo than I am already. Sounds fun, right?

If, like most people, you do not have the means to attend (or return to) university, the internet provides a host of opportunities to quench that terrible thirst for knowledge. One source I am currently exploring is the community at FutureLearn, where you can take online classes by professionals on various topics. (Another course I just stumbled across deals with “Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crimes” – you know I couldn’t resist!).

The topic I have chosen for a start is – you guessed it from the headline – clinate change. As one starting point, the students have been provided with a link to a NASA knowledge collection on climate change. You might want to take some time to read through everything, it’s highly interesting – and perfect ammunition when talking to those people who are “simply not sure whether climate change is a real thing and not just some random hippie catastrophe scenario”.

As the course advances, the students are welcome to reflect on certain questions, which I may occasionally answer in depth (no one can reign me in by simply limiting the amount of letters I am allowed to type! Ha!) around here. Just so you know what I am suddenly up to.

Anyway, climate change deniers usually point out that there have been climate changes in the past, long before the Industrial Revolution, which is supposed to have set off the current change. It is worth noting, however, that the amounts of certain so-called “greenhosue gases” has increased drastically due to human actions such as deforestation or increased carbon dioxide production. And while I highly doubt that humans are capable of destroying earth, we are no doubt in the process of making it a very, very bad place for us to live. There will always be species who thrive under altered conditions, but we are not necessarily among them. If you would like to experience one possible outcome, I recommend reading “Mara and Dann: An adventure” by Doris Lessing. (You knew this would end up with books, right?)

Stay tuned for more ramblings, random bits of knowledge and general smartassery!


One Response to “Never too old to learn … on Climate Change, for example.”

  1. Magaly Guerrero February 23, 2017 at 1:57 am #

    I hope you are learning all sorts of random yumminess, and having a blast while you are at it.

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