It’s not even my final form!

14 Dec


In a spit of madness I reorganized our kitchen. Which left me with some space to add a shelf for my cookbooks. And since I had a spare big shelf, I ended up with some space for a kitchen altar.

As you know, altars don’t tend to live long at our place. Either the cats or the guy or my inability to keep things organized help to organically destroy every altar I have tried to maintain in the past two years. So far this one is looking better – too high for the cats to climb, in a room Richard has little interest in occupying. Two tiny tillandsia plants have been added which are not in this picture, and I so wish I had a more colorful teapot! Maybe I’ll paint it. Or go looking until I find the perfect replacement for my slightly worn white one.

One funny side effect is that, obviously, witches tend to flock to their altars, for my writing space has miraculously moved from the comfy sofa to the less comfy, but witchier kitchen table.

Apart from that I am trying to spread some witchiness around our place: A deity statue on the coffee table, a few candles on the cupboard, tarot sets on about every even surface – and me trying not to make a mess, which is maybe the witchiest ingredient of all. ^^

Every other kind of holiday decoration will have to wait until I have finished my next writing project, which I so hope to have ready (in German, alas, you’ll have to wait a few months, sorry!) by next weekend.

And what have you been up to?


One Response to “It’s not even my final form!”

  1. Norman Andrews December 16, 2015 at 4:31 pm #

    It looks like you are really busy . What am I doing?, repairing our roof it has needed some work for a long time , I only wish I had done more of it in the Summer.


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