Take care of your tribe

19 Nov

In the aftermath of the terrible killings in Paris last week, there have been three bomb threats in two days in my town. No bombs have been found, for which I am incredibly grateful, and I still struggle to understand why people would do such a thing.

A few of my Muslim colleagues would, without a doubt, love to live in a conservative sharia-based state, and in my opinion there is no reason not to PEACEFULLY build a Muslim community based on conservative islamic laws. Why don’t they go and build a community for everyone who wants to stand with them, peacefully, the way Mormons or Amish or Jehova’s witnesses or the Twelve Tribes do? I am sure not much would be said against that.

Forcing people in Syrian towns to live after religious rules you impose on them – not so great.

Beheading people who do not share your religious views because they do not follow your religious laws, which you brought to their hometown without asking them – yeah, no.

Attacking people in secular communities far from your home, with completely different cultural and religious background, because they do not share your religious views – you’ve got to be kidding me!

From what I see, most people are not “enemies of the one true religion”. They may be sceptics, they may be “infidels” (according to your definition), but the modern world has a place for every religion and every belief, and if you are convinced that your path is the only one, why not rejoice in the knowledge that there will be plenty of reward in paradise while everyone else is punished for straying from the One True Path(TM)?

Every so often someone claims that “jihad” means “struggle to support your religion”. Go ahead, feed the poor, build shelters for the homeless, treat the sick. Save as many Muslim lives as you can.

Take care of your tribe.

Because, in the end, this is what we all should be doing. Go out, find the people who are connected to our life – by blood or oath or belief – and take care of them. Make them your tribe.

My tribe is not defined by blood or religion. It consists of those who share similar ethic views and do their best to uphold them. It consists of those who are on the same path, at different milestones maybe. Some of them I have never met, and may never meet in person. Some I may never even know exist.

The people who refuse to hate, but take no shit.Those are my tribe.



One Response to “Take care of your tribe”

  1. Norman Andrews November 19, 2015 at 10:37 pm #

    I like your idea of what is a tribe.


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