Please don’t get your crazy on!

1 Jun

At least not in my e-mail inbox …

You know me, a bit. I am not the most secretive person, and quite trusting – other people might call it “stupid”. Anyway, I love meeting new people, exchanging ideas and learning new things about places and ideas I have never explored before.

Which is why, for quite some time, my e-mail address has been up on some pagan penpal page – really, I don’t even recall the address anymore. And over several years I have met a few nice people there. Every now and then, however, you stumble upon a bad apple. Like in this example:

Hatemail 1 Hatemail 2 Hatemail 3 Hatemail 4

A … let’s say, “elderly gentleman” from North Carolina, after almost a year of sufficiently pleasant communication by e-mail, snapped over a minor disagreement and has started sending me “interesting” mail. The pictures are screenshots of my e-mail account. I contacted his e-mail service with a complaint and the screenshots (minus the black bars) and hopefully got his e-mail account blocked, at least temporarily. So why am I sharing this with you? Partly outrage, partly a need to share with you why I may be less open at the moment than usual. I refuse to be cowed into hiding, but I admit – when, the very same day I received the latest piece of hatemail I got another request via the same platform (from someone with a very similarly built e-mail address at the same provider), I decided to not delve into any new communication at the moment. After all, paranoia is just another word for longevity, right?

Apart from this mess, life is just peachy.


2 Responses to “Please don’t get your crazy on!”

  1. TouchoftheGoddess3 June 2, 2015 at 1:10 am #

    So sorry you are still dealing with this! What a crazy!

  2. Norman Andrews June 2, 2015 at 9:14 am #

    I am sorry to hear you are having this trouble , please don’t let it upset you, and please don’t think all elderly guys are that crazy.


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