Procrastinacious is totally a word now

27 Jan

Yeah, going out for a run in the rain was not one of my best ideas. Do you know this feeling when you have been sitting on your shapely ass for too long? That. And when I went outside, it was just a drizzle. A cold, depressing January drizzle. Which turned into a proper downpour and drenched me to the bone before I had even reached the woods. But once I was wet, I thought I might just as well keep running.

My glasses kept fogging – I’m just too hot, I know. Several times I slowed down to wipe them clean, and finally just took them off and held them in my hand while running. Since it was getting dark quicker than anticipated I could not see the path properly anyway.

Seems everyone else was more clever than me and stayed inside, so I had the woods to myself. And then I came past two tiny snowmen, white shapes standing among black trees and dead leaves – scary sight! I tell you, the memory kept me running for the last two kilometers. (I scare easily – once I almost punched a guy off his bike because I was listening to a pretty realistic zombie story while running.)

Back home, I poured the water out of my shoes, peeled off my socks – and part of my toe skin as well! If I keep this up, I might just as well grow gills and fins, What do you think? At least the shower was hot, and now I am sitting here procrastinating and drinking hot mulled elderberry juice.After that I may cook Indian beef with peas and cauliflower and then snuggle up on the sofa with either a guy or a cat (whoever offers less resistance). Perfect end to an interesting day!


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