It’s been a while – health update

20 Jan

You know what they say, slow weight loss is best. If that’s true, then surely I am the epitome of health. It took me how long exactly to lose those next two kilos? Long enough. Sure, I lost them several times over, after all there was a major holiday last month. You don’t expect me to go without homemade cookies, right? So now I am down 20% of what I hope to lose eventually. Anyway, just spent an hour trying to find what I want for a reward for this milestone, and in the end I settled for – SURPRISE – a book. ^^ Red boots were another option, but I really don’t feel like buying shoes at the moment.

By the way, the weight was gone just in time, for this morning I had run out of pants and had to grab the biggest of my not-quite-right pants. Aaaaand they fit. Tough choice: Lose weight or do laundry.

A few weeks back I started looking into the paleo lifestyle. For years I have been opposed due to the complete bullshit they use as “science”. I mean, look out of the window…

1461543_909182972434305_5390155421611570033_n What do you think your “paleo ancestors” ate this time of the year? Mangos and bananas? Yeah, probably not. More like, tree bark and dead grass. (That’s actually a huge part of what people ate as little as two thousand years back, at least when the going got tough.) I am pretty sure you’d lose weight on that diet, but I’m not that desperate. And then there are plenty of cultures who had huge success and physical prowess living on a mostly grain-based diet, for example the Mayans (amaranth, anyone?). This means their claim that the human body, which in a matter of few generations can adapt to almost any lifestyle, has not adapted to use of grain (which is basically grass on steroids) over the course of a few thousand years is pretty much bullshit.

Fact is that many people simply react differently to certain food groups. And that is why it makes sense to try something and see whether it works for you. So I went and bought a few cookbooks – always a great idea, I love cooking! – and started going through our pantry.

In its strictest form paleo means you eat vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat and fish and stuff and oils. No grain, no sugars, no dairy and probably no potatoes (for good measure). And honestly, most scientists have figured out that too much sugar (or too much carbohydrates) is not a good idea. At all.

As a good German of course I’ll never live without potatoes. Also making non-dairy coffee creamer every few days is plenty of work. You guessed it, I keep adjusting everything so it fits my everyday needs. Until they find a way to put more than 24 hours in a day, we’ll have to live with compromise. But sticking mostly with protein and that pesky green stuff works wonders for me. I don’t have cravings, my joints don’t hurt, I sleep better. And I keep losing weight at a steady pace.

(One of my favorite go-to meals is sliced sausage with apples and onions, pan-fried. Does not even need salt or pepper, it’s that good. And if you don’t like sausage, try liver or scrambled eggs. Or black bread. ^^ And in a pinch, a slice of animal with some mixed frozen vegetables counts as a meal.)

The funny thing is that Richard is on board with this eating experiment. He hopes to run a “Toughmudder” obstacle course in summer, hence has to lose some weight and get fit as well. I’m not complaining.

And what else is she doing, you ask? After all, losing weight and eating are not the only things to define health. Well… I still try to move regularly. We have two runs scheduled towards the end of March, so I should get back to training as soon as it’s a bit warmer outside. I’m firmly stuck on 5K as a training distance, but that’s not too bad. I try to walk/run/exercise at least 30min each day and go outside as often as I have the time – leaving home a few minutes early in the morning to walk fifteen minutes to a bus stop down the road, getting off the subway one stop early, walking around the block after dinner, stuff like that.

Last, but not least – things I still have to improve:

  • Sleep. Really, I need seven to eight hours per night, which I mostly don’t get. Not giving up.
  • Meditating – something I try to do at least in the evening, but frequently either forget or fall asleep while meditating.

Hey, I think that’s it. At least for now, I’ll probably come up with something along the way.


One Response to “It’s been a while – health update”

  1. magalyguerrero January 24, 2015 at 2:37 pm #

    So glad you got a book reward. I did, too. The moment I was approved by my doctor to exercise again (gently), my Piano Man got me a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Hansel and Gretel. I was all grins.

    Like you suggests here, diets are as complex as personalities. When my tummy issues were acute, my doctor sent me to a dietitian. The lady in question removed almost all fibers from my diet. She wanted to eliminate coffee, too. I’m sure the look on my face, that said she would get obliterated before my coffee was eliminated, probably told her that it was probably best not to mess with my coffee.

    Anyhoo, the diet got me sicker. I was in pain, but feeling a little smug, because I warned them. I’ve been living on mangoes, oranges, plantains and other vegetables and fruits my entire life. You can’t change a 30-something year old diet and expect the body not to retaliate. I was on the killer prescribed diet for about 3 weeks. My body was a mess. I felt terrible. Finally, the doctors decided that maybe it would be better if I went back to my regular diet. I did and felt better in fewer than five days.

    I will keep an eye on you. Don’t run too damn fast! I haven’t been cleared for running yet. ;-D ♥

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