More on early gift-making – Spiced coffee!

24 Nov

Finally. I have heard all of you holding your breath.

Although this is a gift that is made in seconds and ready to be given away, I highly encourage you to make your first batch now to experiment with your spice mix of choice. There are several options: Vanilla coffee, Oriental coffee or the Full Metal Winter Mix with all three spices.

Of course I made the last option, but the process is always similar.

I used:

  • 100g coffee beans
  • 1/2 vanilla bean
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom


  1. Cut the vanilla bean in four to five equal pieces.
  2. Grind part of the coffee beans with a piece of vanilla bean. Proceed until all coffee and vanilla have been used. Collect in a bowl.
  3. Add spices and stir.

IMG_0450Pre-stirring. ^^

The ground coffee is best kept in a tightly closed jar in the fridge and not stored too long, for ground coffee will indeed go rancid. I have a collection of jars telling an interesting story about my addiction to peanut butter, which I use for this.

IMG_0451See? 100g coffee beans makes about 12-18 cups of coffee, depending on how strong you want your black magic.

Tips and tricks:

  • If I was making a vanilla-only mixture, I would probably use one whole vanilla bean.
  • Keep in mind how the person you are making this for likes his or her coffee. For French-press lovers, the grounds should be not too fine. For those who make their coffee Oriental style, in a small pot on the stove, fine grounds are best.
  • I prefer storing coffee in glass jars, but you could also try to find pretty bags. And don’t use metal containers, they change the taste!!!

Oh, by the way… while you are at it, here is one preparation for the next kitchen witch gift:

IMG_0446Take one of your organic oranges and slice off as much of the orange part of the peel as possible. Set aside to dry. We’ll use this in a few days to make orange (and maybe lavender) scented sugar.


3 Responses to “More on early gift-making – Spiced coffee!”

  1. magalyguerrero November 25, 2014 at 3:28 pm #

    No, that wasn’t me trying to lick my screen. I’m sure it was someone else… also licking my screen.

    • diandralinnemann November 25, 2014 at 3:43 pm #

      Screen licking is fine by me. As long as it’s your screen…


  1. More (improvised) gifts | Knusperhaus - December 19, 2014

    […] Remember that orange peel I told you to put aside to dry? Throw it in the coffee grinder and add sugar. Pulse. Smell. Smile. You have your very own orange sugar. If you want, you can add some (dry!!!) food coloring pigments to give it a nice sunny color, but I was in a hurry this morning and didn’t get around to that, plus the food coloring is buried somewhere… […]

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