The moment I almost doubted my boyfriend’s fidelity (a tiny bit)

29 Sep

A bit more than a week ago I was hurrying to do laundry on Saturday morning. I had planned to leave for a short road trip, and Richard was at a photography convention. I sorted through the laundry from his suitcase – remember, he stays at the hotel four days per week – when I stumbled upon this beauty:


I was confused. That was none of mine. And it was also too small to belong to any of my friends who sleep over occasionally. And although I am by no means an expert, it did not exactly look like men’s underwear. So where did that thing come from?

What did I do? You got it. I snapped the picture above and sent it to Richard. “Look what I found in your suitcase! Are you secretly a cross-dresser?”

He replied, “WTF?”

“I don’t know what to make of that. how would you react if you found another guy’s boxers in our flat when you returned?”

“I guess… I don’t know?”

I had to leave then, and our conversation ended. Of course I could not get that stupid boring slip out of my mind while I was away. At the same time I was 99.99785% sure that Richard is an ever-loyal and faithful guy who would not betray me. Especially since, when we moved in together four or something years ago, I threatened that, should he ever betray me, I would simply walk out on him with the cats and his xbox.

(I know where it hurts the most.)

Come Sunday, I was back home, and Richard had completely forgotten the incident. I showed him the item in question. We went over the possibilities – mine? No way. A friend’s? Too small. Split personality disorder? Probably not. (His reply, “I bet that would be uncomfortable.”)

After much fretting we finally found the solution – he probably brought it home from the hotel room, where it must have hidden in the bottom compartment of the wardrobe, where he keeps his used (mostly black) laundry.

“And you want me to believe that?”

– “Look at it, honey – do you really think I would cheat on you with a girl who wears boring slips like that?”

You must admit, he had a point. Plus, his complete surprise kind of convinced me he was not making anything up (he is a really bad liar.) Because I am an evertrusting, faithful, honest and naive soul, I chose to believe him, and in the end we had a good laugh. I suggested he should try to get some sort of recompensation from the hotel, under the pretext that this slip had almost destroyed his relationship, but he is too honest for that as well. “What if we get the maid in trouble?”


What’s the moral of the story? Things are not always as they seem, and sometimes you have to decide to trust. And: Occasionally renew your threats. ^^ (Or: Switch on the light when you start packing your suitcase at the hotel.)


3 Responses to “The moment I almost doubted my boyfriend’s fidelity (a tiny bit)”

  1. Autumnwind September 30, 2014 at 5:38 am #

    Good for you!! Sometime crap happens and you have to trust! I am happy that you know your guy!
    Love to you :0)

    • diandralinnemann September 30, 2014 at 9:07 am #

      Yeah, and if it ever turns out he did cheat on me, imagine how stupid I’ll look. ^^


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