Falling for fall – Happy equinox and such!

23 Sep

Fall is finally here, and I still haven’t gotten the decoration out of the basement… but nature is not fazed and keeps decking herself in festive colors.

This time around I am not going to whine how I never have time to properly celebrate the sabbath, for last weekend was spent doing all kinds of fall-related things with my best friend. Among other things, we went to a wine festival, rode our bikes through misty nights (completely sober and singing church songs *ahem*), went walking through fenland and woods and sat in the sun sipping coffee. So, even if today is probably one of those days where I’ll end up lying in bed and trying to remember where the day went, I’ll sleep happily, knowing that we did our best to welcome the new season even if no magic circle was involved.

How do you celebrate on the fly?


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