Look! It’s a marvellous portable altar!

19 Sep




After some (soul) searching and saving, I finally got myself a tiny portable altar from the German shop “Schamanisches Kunsthandwerk” (let’s say, “Shaman Crafts”). By no means am I a shaman, but I like their work – mostly all-natural, handmade stuff. They have amulets made from wood engraved with totem animals or trees, prayer beads, magical mirrors and such. And, yes, they do offer altars. And while I am in love with their tabletop altar, I went for this ingenious portable (almost) all-natural travel altar kit instead. Above you see the pictures. Isn’t it pretty? There were several options to choose from, and I went for the crystal variety without special engraving. It is based on the 5-element-theory and mostly suitable to my needs, including five different crystals, a tiny candle in a glass container with a matching wooden coaster, miniature tools made from wood, triple moon and horned god symbol, a necklace with a pentagram burned into wood and a tiny pendulum, also from all natural material. And yes, it all fits in a leather pouch that, when flattened, turns into a tiny altar surface of about ten inches. The package comes with short instructions on the items included. Nifty, right?

(Sorry for going heavy on the links, I wanted to provide some help in case you want to look around the story a bit.)

For everyday purposes, I plan to use a slimmed-down variety with only the tools and the candle on the coaster with the leather pouch/altar cloth, but I am sure I can make good use of the other items as well. Now, I know that many of you are incredibly crafty and make their own amazing altars for travelling and such, but for the less handy ones such as me, this is a great solution!

What are your solutions for witching “on the go”?


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