Need your advice

12 Aug

Okay, I need your advice. Nothing much in the way of witching, just plain old boring everyday life.

A friend is being physically abused by her husband. Yes, that friend. Obviously things have gone south since she discovered the affair. I told her to go ahead and get a divorce, but a religious leader told her she could not divorce him unless she presented eyewitnesses of his affair. (Any idea which religion she belongs to? Yeah, that one.) Funny fact is, no one else was in the room when they got their game on. I wonder how that happened?

I have told her to go to the police, but she does not want to – after all he is her husband. So I have recommended she should write down every assault with as much detail as she remembers, have a physician examine and document every bruise and injury, and keep it somewhere safe for the day she finally decides to go to the police.

I have also told her repeatedly that she can call me, any time of the day (or night), I’ll get in the car and come get her. So far she has not called – she says teh moment it happens, she is in shock, and when she tries to get out of the flat he drags her back inside and physically prevents her from leaving. So I have suggested she should write down my number (or anyone else’s she trusts), put the paper in her pocket and the next time things get out of hand run to the neighbors immediately, from where she should call first the police and then me. That way she has witnesses as well as protection.

The problem is, I cannot get her to see that this is a serious matter – everytime he confesses his love for her and begs her forgiveness, she is willing to believe him. She does not want to believe that things will only get worse, although his attacks have been escalating recently. Her family is not willing to support her in this matter, and friends have started turning away from her because “she is always complaining and not willing to change her situation” – yes, I *do* understand that they are trying not to enable her, but I am afraid of what may happen if she feels she has no one to turn to.

This thing is driving me mad. I try to listen and support her, but that is not my strength, really. Every time she tells me another of his follies, I go home and try not to cry or punch someone. Now that the moon is waning again, I do have a tiny present for him waiting to be completed as soon as I have the time (and nerve), but I am wondering – what else can I do to keep her safe?

(Yes, I’ll share the spell – and no, it is not “black magic”, at least not strictly speaking. I am convinced that most people are not evil, but merely victims of their own history.)


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