These are not my mother’s thumbs

22 Jul

Nope, definitely not. While mine are brown and able to kill almost everything, my mother has a gift with plants.

She also probably has a sadistic streak, for she sent three of her darlings to our place for torture and slow death.


My very own avocado plant.


A tiny orange tree.


And wine. The picture is blurry because it is trembling with fear.

(I keep trying to explain that wine should only enter our home in bottles.)

I’ll do my best to keep the plant babies alive, but their chances are… well, surprisingly neither apple nor currant nor blueberry have died so far. Maybe I can help breed resilien and strong post-zombie-apocalypse (flesh-eating) plants…




2 Responses to “These are not my mother’s thumbs”

  1. Georgina aka greekwitch July 22, 2014 at 11:08 pm #

    Good luck with them! You know i always had a feeling that keeping my plants all together in a spot makes them happy. Recently i read that it is true, because, usually they do not have enough humidity, so if you put them together they make a microenvironment of their own and they help each other survive. Maybe that will help you a bit!
    Lots of hugs!

    • diandralinnemann July 23, 2014 at 9:12 am #

      Thanks for the suggestion! There is also evidence that certain plants “talk” to each other with pheromones, so maybe being together will make them even more happy. Hopefully they’ll survive until we have our own garden to plant them outside in “real” soil.

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