Give yourself a sunshine shake!

3 Jun

Sunshine Shake

One side effect of our vacation was the discovery that, yes, I am still sensitive to UV light. In 30°C and more, I had to run around Amsterdam with a scarf wrapped around my upper body to keep my arms, shoulders and neck from bursting into raspberry-like itching blisters. This happens to me in some years, with and without sunscreen (up to SPF 50).

One thing I tend to do in years with less sun-related trouble: Eat more calcium. So this morning I set about making my very own Sunshine Shake with everything good and tasty to help my skin withstand the blistering German heat (ahem).



  • 500ml buttermilk (or 250g yoghurt plus 250ml water)
  • 1 mango, peeled and diced
  • 2 nectarines, diced
  • 250ml carrot juice


  1. Blend.
  2. ^^

This makes about 4 large glasses, or enough for one very indulgent breakfast.


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