I am not a good person, but I’m trying

31 Jan

Maybe this is a problem none of you ever have. I don’t know. But once again I have discovered that I am not a truly “good” person, and that with just a tiny change in the fabric of history I might have become quite a bully.

There is a person I know and despise. And recently I found some information online with the potential to damage this person’s reputation, relationship and probably end its work contract. And of course I do blame my writer’s brain, but one of the first thoughts was, “Wow, and imagine the catastrophe if someone forwarded this information…”

Luckily I have several friends who are convinced – and have repeatedly convinced me – that I am not that bad a person. But of course I look at my brain suspiciously, “How do you get your ideas? Is that part of who we are? Or is it due to our creative training?”

I don’t know.

I left the information where it was. Didn’t save it anywhere, didn’t forward it. Didn’t tell anyone about it. Part of me was curious what might happen, but… this is definitely who I *want* to be.

But I’ll definitely store that idea for later use in one of my stories. The best ideas are firmly rooted in reality.


(I know a truly good person might go and tell the person in question, “There is some compromising information you posted in the past that you might want to look into…” – but I am not THAT good.)


One Response to “I am not a good person, but I’m trying”

  1. Nicky January 31, 2014 at 11:45 am #

    Hi =)

    Honestly, what is „good“ and what „bad“? Is someone a good person, because everybody likes him or sees what “good” things he has done? And is someone bad because he doesn’t like every single person on earth. Isn’t it more about the true choices we make everyday?

    As for me…I don’t like everybody and sometimes I even hurt people I really, really care about, whereas people I don’t really like have never been hurt by me. Isn’t that strange?

    But I try to do what I find to be “good” and sometimes it is not that easy to know where the “good” choice differs from the “bad” one. We are all human, trying to make our experiences. 😉

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