Like sleeping in a library

22 Jan

That’s how Richard describes my latest change to our bedroom. I mean, imagine if you found yourself with a giant wardrobe, what would you put in it?


Books, obviously.

One big advantage of our new flat is that it comes with an inbuilt wardrobe. It has sliding doors, and due to construction one compartment is always open. Since we have two white cats intent to Shed On All The Clothes!!!, this compartment is really not for clothing. So I got to use it for two of the most precious things in the world to me: Books, and my altar.

My altar is still under construction (second shelf from the bottom) and only consists of my bonsai tree, my divine balance statue and my tarot cards. I have not yet figured out how to add a candle without burning down the house, and in time more magical objects will surely make its way into our wardrobe. But I am not in a hurry.

(That is one fifth of our wardrobe. Envious?)

And the books – see for yourself. Pretty, right? The shelves hold our university textbooks, dictionaries, scientific books on interesting subjects (from serial killers to “good officialese” from the fifties) and my witchy books.

I have started spreading my library through the complete flat, with the cookbooks in the hallway…


… and some interesting books one would not mind showing to guests in the livingroom.Sorry for the crappy picture, it is all still under construction.


Most of the novels and some random volumes still inhabit my personal office, where more shelves are needed (You can’t see the remaining books lining up against the other wall.)



3 Responses to “Like sleeping in a library”

  1. Leah January 22, 2014 at 3:07 pm #

    I love all the books! We have bookshelves in every room of our home, even the garage!

  2. petoskeystone January 25, 2014 at 6:49 pm #

    Libraries are a good thing 🙂

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