Where do I find a dress-up class?

17 Dec

A friend and I have made it a habit to go out for cocktails every now and again. It started out as an experiment to see how quickly we could get drunk if she wore a deep neckline (her breasts are amazing).

(Answer: Quickly.)

Anyway, we have tried this experiment either as girls’ group or with a guy and in different places. The results are always really funny.

Yesterday we went to a new place – a Brasilian cocktail bar. We brought a guy friend just for fun (and to make things more difficult for my friend with the amazing breasts) and took seats at the bar, since all the tables were taken. What followed was a fun night, with cute barkeepers fondling each other when our guy friend asked for an Orgasm (Bailey’s and anise liquor, I think) and new drinks magically appearing whenever the amazing boobs sat up straight.

And let me tell you, I looked great. Black and red boots, black tights, short red cotton dress over a white turtle neck, black coat, and just a hint of makeup. But I think I need to practice more – while my friend ended up handing out her phone number, all I got was advice on my glasses. ^^

Fortunately my self-confidence is slightly bigger than a baby elephant.


(For the records, yes, I am in a relationship. But that does not mean I cannot go out on my own to have fun.)


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