Review: End of dreams (The immortal destiny, volume 1) by Kim Faulks

4 Nov


Description: “A vicious killer hunts a young pregnant woman. He wants more than her blood–he wants her baby too.
Young Eve dreams of being a good mother to her unborn son, that dream is shattered when child killer, Edric Hasting finds her in the middle of the night.
Haunted by the images of black wings on her baby’s ultrasound and the killers last words Eve knows her only hope of survival is to run.
She soon finds hard-bitten detective Adley Scott who dreams of justice for a string of murdered children which hit too close to home.
A group of Immortals are drawn into Eve’s battle for survival as events are played out across the globe by two opposing factions of immortal beings.
The fragile, divine balance of all things is at stake, and the world is the ultimate prize.
Against a background of universe-changing events and an ensemble of vivid, unforgettable characters, Eve and Adley will have to fight to survive as they begin to learn the truth of The Immortal Destiny.”

Let me start off by saying that unless a book manages to really grip my attention right at the beginning, I won’t continue reading. Especially with everything you can find for Kindle these days – there are true gems to be found, but also lots of crap. And this book was a great read. The characters were well-formed, the action never got boring and the descriptions sucked me right into the story.

I would rate it four out of five stars only because there were some minor problems. along the road – things that seemed unlogical, as if the plot idea had changed mid-story or as if something had been edited out of the story or into it at a later point in time. It was never enough to make me not want to continue reading, but enough for me to notice and stumble. Still I highly recommend reading this book.


You can get the book as paperback or ebook.


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