More changes

26 Sep

Last night saw me sitting in front of Skype, wearing nothing but a gold necklace and a confused expression and trying to figure out how to get our new satnav to do what I want.

Richard was watching from the screen, grinning. Which might have to do with the fact that he had the best view of my marvellous boobs, or with the fact that I am cute with new technology. I may or may not have threatened to switch the damn thing to girly mode, with pink streets and “You have reached another shoe shop!”

This was the only way he could have participated in the excitement new technology means for him. Because tonight, before he returns from work, I will set out to visit my motehr and her husband, and we got the satnav so I would know where I am going. A 600km trip – that would be a tiny bit more than 370 miles – on my own is quite an exciting adventure, especially since I get to drive our still-almost-new car and blast my music as loud as I want. Or listen to weird audiobooks. Or sing.

Why am I setting out on such an adventure on a work day, you ask? Well, the reason is somewhat sad. My stepfather’s mother died. She made it to 101 years, so it is probably safe to say she had a full life with children and grandchildren and stepgrandchildren and a stepgreatgrandson – but for those left behind it is never easy. And this is why I am going, to support my mother and her husband. Richard would have come as well if his work load had allowed, but alas – tide and deadlines wait for no man, I have heard.

Anyway, I finally beat the satnav into submission, figured out how to attach it to our windshield and promised to return safely and not too late on Sunday, so Richard could still try it out. He sounded genuinely excited. And they say I am cute with technology?


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