23 Sep

Germany has a law stating that if your landlord modernizes your home in a way that is supposed to save energy, he may increase your rent almost at whim. And since our landlord has decided to glue styrofoam to the outside walls, our rent will increase by about one third. Which we could pay, but we have decided we won’t. We have found a new flat and started packing our stuff, and in November/December we will move everything to our new address.

I have been living in Bonn for eleven years, and in this time I have lived in four different dorm rooms in three different dorms, then in a student flat on my own and now in my first shared flat. Which means the average inhabitation time is a bit more than two years. (Actually we have been living together for a bit more than three and a half years.) And life before university was not much more sedentary. I guess you could say I am pretty good at moving. But the thought of hauling our heavy family room furniture down three flights of stairs and up another three is daunting. Maybe we will be really decadent and pay someone to do it. Or we could throw it off the balcony and burn it in our neighbor’s garden.

Plus we get to buy some new furniture, repair and paint some older pieces and generally not make a mess of things. Oh, the joys of moving…


4 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!”

  1. Magaly Guerrero September 23, 2013 at 5:23 pm #

    A third is too much. I would have moved, too. I would understand if they got new windows and conjured extra space out of thin air, but just a bit of insulation? Please!

    You know how many times I’ve moved in the last 3 years. Thinking about it makes me cringe a little. Still, no burning! But if there was a way that you could drop half a couch on your former landlord… Well, accidents happen, you know?

    • diandralinnemann September 23, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

      I have got to be fair, they are also replacing the windows. But since most of these windows are at least 30 years old and several even broken, that would not lead to a big increase of rent. (They may not charge their tenants for simple repairs.)

      It’s sad how these pesky accidents happen… I might just happen to drop our armchair in the next town over, with a cannon. ^^

      Anyway, it leads to the realization that possessions are overrated. (Except for books and baking equipment.) Now to get Richard to realize this…

  2. Peppylady (Dora) September 23, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    I know subsides Apartment is usual a fourth or third of your income. It depend on which program you get. Some time it will include your power and I know there other factors they’ll take in consideration.
    I know two people….One income is $750 a month and there rent is $400 month but I believe they get about $250 in food stamp which helps them purchase food.
    The other person I know is in a subsides apartment and her income is a little over $900 a month. But she only pays $109 a month because she has medical cost that comes out of her pocket.
    But wages are low and rent is pretty high here.

    Coffee is on

    • diandralinnemann September 24, 2013 at 7:24 am #

      Truth is, we probably could afford the new rent, but I do not see why we should do it. The money we save will go towards our emergency/holiday fund instead. And if history has taught me one thing, it is that there is ALWAYS an emergency.

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