Short update on health and such

18 Sep

After a few months I thought I should give you a quick update on the whole weight loss/health situation. Has she changed her mind again, I hear you asking – why yes, probably.

I have done a few things that might seem logical to you and were results of huge realizations for me. First, I got rid of everything that does not fit right now. It sits in our basement in big plastic sacs and waits. Lots of it will probably be donated. Then I went and bought a few new items, mostly office attire (and pajamas with a giraffe).

I got a membership at an inexpensive gym. Where I have not been in weeks due to time constraints. But I am working on a reasonable plan.

I have taken up running in earnest once more, but I did not register for next year’s Stronman Run – right now I do not want to add more pressure to my life as is, so no deadlines and running (or weight) goals.

My food has undergone serious scrutinizing. Right now I really struggle to add sufficient amounts of vegetables to my daily meal plan – I have taken to cooking a big pot of soup or stew on the weekend and freezing portions to be taken to the office for lunch, and in the evening I will eat whatever is at hand – protein shakes, more soup, pizza. Breakfast is my model meal at the moment, consisting of beans and/or eggs and/or nuts and/or vegetables. My current favorite is the pink detox smoothie, which I have had for every weekday breakfast in at least two weeks. Really, it is this delicious and filling. Sometimes I will also have a variation of a breakfast food for dinner, just because I love my breakfasts this much.

Then I went to see my physician for the semianual thyroid check. My thyroid is doing fine (and I am soooo grateful for the thyroid pills, wouldn’t know how else to get everything done in a day), BUT. Yes, of course there is a but. I have developed a gallstone. Same as my older sister. You know how siblings are – give one of them a new toy, and the others want the same. (Actually, I went to my doc and said, “… and among other things, I need to be checked for gallstones.” – “You are rather young for gallstones.” – “Just do the test.” – “Oh, I see you are right.” – “I like the sound of that sentence.” – “What does your boyfriend think of this?”) The concrement is too big to fall into the biliary ducts, but large enough to cause discomfort on occasion. He said there was medication to be tried, but most likely the process of passing the broken-up concrement would be painful and have to be repeated after a year or two, anyway. So I am to wait and see, and if it becomes too uncomfortable, there will be surgery. Of course first thing i did was check for natural remedies – not much to be done about gallstones, it seems, but some things promise relief, at least, and may delay further growth of my new little friend (I have named him Hans).

Oh, and my blood pressure was too high. Which was not too surprising, considering I had a run-in with our office’s IT “expert”. But still… high blood pressure and knee pain are signs I should ideally weigh less. So I am making sure I run at least three times a week and eat healthy, and try not to fall for the mad ideas I had the last time round.

Pretty boring, hu?

TL,DR: Eat healthy and exercise, you’re getting old. ^^


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