PBP: Finding time

13 Sep

Today’s prompt is about time management. In the busy world we live, how do you find time for your spiritual self? How do you maintain your spiritual growth and nurture your inner connection to deity in between meetings, phone calls, traffic jams, family, friends and everything else you do?
Post your thoughts, tips and tricks and as always, blessed be.


I have frequently blogged about trying to find time for some kind of daily practice. Getting up earlier, taking half an hour off for myself in the evening, reserving a few minutes right before leaving the house or after getting home – none of it worked.

Finally I had to face it – I am not a student anymore, and I am not living on my own. In combination with work, exercise and a new vocal basics course I started just this week, I have neither the energy nor the time for daily devotions.
And it all felt wrong.

The first sign of relief came when I moved my altar from my witchy office space to my night stand. No it did not magically create more time. But when I go to bed I can light a candle for a few minutes, or take a few minutes in the morning while waking up. I do not do extensive mediations or travels, but I can talk to my goddess, and she often answers. Plus I like sleeping next to my altar. (And not only sleeping. ^^ ) The only problem right now is that our cats think this is their special “Good morning, come and play with us!” seat. We are working on that. ^^

I am also trying to find other ways to express my spirituality – by picking up trash when I am out going for a walk. By praying and meditating on nature while I am out in the woods running. By paying special attention to the energies surrounding me. And by preparing food with the best energies I can muster, to be shared with loved ones.

In the end, I am not a priestess. I am a witch. And doing witchy things, fortunately, does not take much time – only all your heart and soul.


One Response to “PBP: Finding time”

  1. Magaly Guerrero September 13, 2013 at 1:11 pm #

    Time is a sneaky bastard. And he likes to run fast. Every now and again, I lose him and can’t figure out where he went. But more often than not, I stay with him and get as much as I can done. The rest, well… you know 😉

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