Teachers and teachings

6 Sep

PBP today asked about teachers. Since I did not have any formal teachers – only lots of books and trial and error – I thought about my favorite teachings instead, and what kind of advice I would give a witchling.

Wanna know?

Here it is.

Bake bread.

For me, baking bread is therapeutic. But that is not all. It is also a lot like witchcraft – you take seemingly boring ingredients, put them together exactly the right way, apply some elemental magic (aka “oven heat”) et voilĂ , bread. Bread is something so simple we overlook it most of the time, and can be so delicious. It can be plain grey bread or some elaborate easter bread with nuts and fruit and in fancy braids. It is nourishing for the body as well as for the mind. The grain had to die for you to eat, so you learn about the circle of life and gratitude. Most kinds of bread depend on the weather, so you learn to watch nature. And the best: Everyone can make bread. It is possible to buy “bread mixes” where you don’t have to do anything, just as there are spell kits, but the mixtures you concoct yourself are superior, and although even a beginner will produce a reasonable bread most of the time, practice makes perfect.

If I had a child or a friend who asked to be taught magic, I would tell them to start by baking bread.

What is your first practical advice for a witchling?


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