Merry Lammas, everyone!

28 Aug

Why yes, I have looked at the calendar recently. ^^

As opposed to many witches and pagans I know, I celebrate the sabbaths in relation to sun and moon. For the sun-related sabbaths that’s easy to calculate, but for the other four, confusion may ensue. This year, the lunar sabbaths are rather late, with Beltane only arriving at the end of May and Lammas – well, last night.

Still trying to figure out how to fit everything into my life and where to stack my priorities, I did a simple candle-lighting (yellow and brown candles) and offered a corn cobb from the organic store, which I intend to leave outside when going into the woods tonight.

My Lammas mantra was, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” I think it is a fitting mantra and a good description of this special sabbath – a great opportunity to see what has been growing from your efforts so far, and to decide whether to harvest the fruit or till the lands and start over next year. Out on the fields the farmers have started harvesting the grains, and friends have reported taking the first vegetables and fruit from their gardens. My tomatoes and such are a little late, which I attribute to the stupid lack of summer.

I also spent some time celebrating with friends and colleagues – bringing home-made bread to the office last full moon, cooking vegetable soups and stews and such.  Sometimes the small things help remind me that I am a witch and not just a weird woman with a love for pointy hats.

Other everyday Lammas activities include enjoying the last warm(ish) days and starting to squirrel all kinds of stuff away for the dark seasons. In earlier times this mostly related to food, but I mostly stash memories and adventures. Once winter comes around, I hope to enjoy them with a cup of hot tea.

Any of you starting on fall and winter preparations?


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