A little more than six years ago…

17 Jul

… I had been going out with a nice young man, blond with bright green eyes and a lovely smile, for a few weeks. One night I decided to use all my witchy (i.e. cooking) skills and lure him into my arms. Dinner was spaghetti bolognese, homemade, with red wine and ice cream for dessert.

What can I say? It worked. Although I am not sure why, since Richard is not even a big fan of all things tomato.

(The secret to happily ever after: Buy really, REALLY good ice cream.)

After two years, we moved in together. And now I can say with all my heart that, when he steps off the train on Friday night, I still get that goofy grin that should only be reserved for new lovers.

We decided that, instead of big gifts, we would at best get small trinkets and instead spend a weekend celebrating together (next weekend – Richard’s favorite amusement park and dinner at an Indian restaurant). Wanna know what we got each other?


Yes, I bought these cups. No shame in saying it as it is, right? ^^


And Richard had a lock engraved. No, that is not for my chastity belt. (Ahem.) In these German towns an old Italian tradition was adopted – lovers fasten a lock to one of the bridges crossing the river and throw the keys into the water, thus declaring their love to be eternal. It’s got a lovely, sappy saying on the back (which I will spare you – if you really want to know, you will have to come here and read it yourself).

So, six years gone. I still haven’t found a bolognese recipe that he really likes.


2 Responses to “A little more than six years ago…”

  1. Liathano July 17, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

    Oh, so ein bisschen Romantik am Abend ist was Feines. Danke für’s Teilen!
    (Ich bin dem Freund auch dank seiner Kochkünste – und vor allem dank des Nachtischs – verfallen.)

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