Fueling the witchy life

5 Jun



This is a picture of my morning garbage. Pretty colors, right? We have banana and onion peel, egg shells, lettuce, peppers and avocado (and somewhere beneath there must also be some dry cucumber). And now you are asking, “Why does she show us this?”

Because I am kind of a health nut. Surprise! Or maybe not. ^^

Some of you may still remember the weight-loss blog I had and deleted some time ago when I realized that my obsession with the numbers became more important to me than my health. At that point I had lost 15kg, getting my BMI from 28.9 to 23.7 – and then the weight stopped coming off. I cut more calories, increased my exercise to a point where I did not enjoy it anymore and spent most of my day trying to figure out how I could lose those last 5kg I was trying to get rid of.

One day I had enough, hid the scale, reduced my exercise to occasional feel-good workouts and started eating whatever I wanted while trying to figure out what my body really needs. (I am still experimenting.)

I gained about 13 of those 15kg back – in the course of three months. (Putting my BMI back at 28.2) At first I hated my body for doing this. Then I started using what has by now become one of my favorite mantras: Would you say (do) these things to your daughter?

When I realized how unkind I was being to myself, I cried. And promised myself I’d be better. After all, I claim that I am perfect because the divine does not make mistakes, so obviously shaming myself for looking as if I had swallowed a melon without chewing – really, I have had the most peculiar belly bump since childhood – is stupid.

Ever since I have been reading up on nutrition more than usual, focusing on health instead of losing weight. I learned a lot of things from “The Leptin Diet” – most of all the importance of not snacking between meals (easy) and after dinner (tough). I remembered my joy in trying new vegetables and new dishes. And I increased my protein intake without reducing my fruit and veggies, subsequently reducing the amount of processed grain/carbs I eat. I am not counting calories and step on the scale once per week at best. Instead I focus on how the things I do (and eat) make me feel.

So, why is this of witchy importance, you ask? Because the gods make no mistake. They have gifted you with a body which may or may not do what you want it to do. And you are supposed to be kind to it and take good care of it. Your body is like a much-loved (maybe vintage) car – you would not fill it up with sand and expect it to do 200mph, right? This does mean enjoying life, but also making sure it gets the nutrition (and exercise) it needs. (YOU need.) Good food, lovingly prepared, is basically the easiest health spell I know.

Having said all this, here are pictures of my breakfast…


Pancakes made from one banana, one tablespoon of peanut butter and two eggs (sounds strange and tastes delicious – also when using other nut butters, e.g. hazelnut) with a kiwi. As a kid I loved kiwi, and would have eaten half a dozen per day or more. Unfortunately kiwi were expensive, so my parents had to restrict my intake to maybe two per week. ­čśŽ


Some leftover strawberries (I did not even know this thing existed!) with raw cane sugar and crema di balsamico*.

I am also drinking some coffee with milk – I am trying to be better, not become a saint. ^^

And my food for the office day:


Lettuce, onion, peppers, tomatoes, cucmber and grilled chicken with a honey and mustard dressing – I have a second bottle of crema di balsamico at the office, which I will use on this as well. Yes, it is this good.


An apple and some cherry tomatoes to be used as dessert or before going home so I won’t eat the people at the post office.

What else I will be eating today, you ask? I don’t know yet – there may be some chocolate and/or nuts at the office if I am really hungry (or in the mood), and for dinner I have some obscure plans involving one of the last Hokkaido pumpkins I got at the store, some salmon and dried dill. Oh, and don’t forget my dessert coffee after lunch. ^^

How are you coming along with being kind to yourself?

* A condiment meant to be put on salads and such, with a hint of vinegar and extremely sweet. I could eat it pure. And on fruit, as you see. It does not have any positive or negative effects on health, as far as I know, except for making me happy.


4 Responses to “Fueling the witchy life”

  1. georgina aka greekwitch June 5, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    Hey there love! I know first hand how difficult it is to treat your b ody and yourself in general with love and respect! I envy your food choices! These days i am not doing doing very well on the subject, but i am slowly getting there!
    Have a blessed day!

    • diandralinnemann June 5, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

      Yeah, but you are in a completely different situation… if I mess up, it’s only my problem, and I don’t have a cute little parasite forcing its cravings on me. ^^ Wish you all the best!

  2. Liathano June 6, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    Ich frage mich auch immer: Was w├╝rdest du einer Freundin sagen, wie w├╝rdest du sie behandeln? Und erkenne: Einer Freundin, die meine Figur hat, w├╝rde ich nicht st├Ąndig raten, sie solle endlich abnehmen, sie m├╝sse mehr Sport treiben, sie solle gef├Ąlligst den S├╝├čkram weglassen, ihre Oberschenkel w├Ąren ja monstr├Âs, usw. Warum braucht es immer erst diesen Perspektivwechsel?

    Ich liebe Erdbeeren mit Balsamico ├╝brigens auch sehr – besonders g├Âttlich finde ich einen Erdbeer-Rucolasalat (+etwas frisch gesammeltem Girsch und mit Dill abgeschmeckt) mit Balsamico-Rotwein-Dressing.

    • diandralinnemann June 6, 2013 at 11:15 am #

      Klingt gro├čartig. Ich habe gerade auch ein tolles Rezept for Melonen-Feta-Salat gefunden, den mach ich mir f├╝r morgen auf der Arbeit. ^^

      Und: Weil wir nie gelernt haben, nett zu uns selbst zu sein. Schlie├člich gibt es angeblich immer etwas zu optimieren.

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