Last week in pictures

6 May


Usually I don’t like those picture-laden posts too much, but last week was just so full of goodness that I had to share. It started with this. You see, especially in this area of Germany it is tradition for men to set their ladies a May pole – they go out on April 30, get incredibly drunk and position a decorated birch tree in front of the woman’s window. At the beginning of our relationship I explained that I would rather see those trees growing, and when I came home on Tuesday, this was hanging on my office door.


And this was standing on my altar. Richard decorated a tiny potted rose and a bonsai tree for me instead of getting a traditional May pole. You can’t see it in the picture, but the bonsai even has tiny flower buds starting to grow. I hope I won’t kill it, bonsais are tricky!

IMG_7750 IMG_7751 IMG_7752 IMG_7753

This is progress on our balcony garden. I planted strawberries, lettuce, nasturtium, bell peppers, tomatoes, Hokaido pumpkin, radish, fennel, scallions and cucumber, and now all we have to do is water and wait. We also relocated the herbs to  the outdoors and added some more – rosemary, lavender, woodruff and verveine. I hope my brown thumb won’t kill too many of them!

IMG_7755 IMG_7756

Of course no witch’s garden is complete without sun and moon.

IMG_7757 We put up windchimes and some more LED decoration. At night it looks like a fairy (or hippie) garden). Balcony at night

This is what it looks like at night. (Plus some more glowing butterflies, flowers and birds. We really like glowing decoration).


A close-up of the apple flowers. I am going to look up their magical use, and hope the tree will bear some more delicious tiny apples.


Sunday morning, my best friend (who helped with the latest garden work) and me were chilling with some coffee after spending Saturday night at the river, BBQing with some people and watching fireworks. There is a similarly goofy picture of her, but she decided to keep her dignity. Me, on the other hand… after speaking about menstrual fluids and showing you my sewing skills, I think a goofy picture of me is the least of my worries. ^^


Greebo discovered the comfy chairs. Doesn’t he look relaxed?


And a slightly sadder picture – this morning Richard had to leave for a new work-related project, and Ronja clearly did not want him to leave. (I will miss him almost as much, but at least I know he will be back soon.)

So, now you know some of what I have been up to. I may get some more pictures from Richard, of the witches’ dance we went to on Tuesday and the fireworks/BBQ event, and will share them later. And then it will once again be words, words and more words. ^^


3 Responses to “Last week in pictures”

  1. Jennifer May 13, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    Oh! I love your pictures! It looks like you’ve had a wonderful start to May! 🙂

    Glad I found your new blog. I thought you had disappeared from the blogoshere! Cheers!

    • diandralinnemann May 13, 2013 at 9:21 pm #

      Glad to have you here! But you know, people like me don’t get lost… it needs a reverse pentagram and an old virgin’s blood to get rid of us. ^^

      • Jennifer May 19, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

        That is so true! Tee hee! 🙂

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