On work, gardening and general weirdness

19 Apr

I thought I’d share some general updates with you.

* I have invented a new game at the office. See, you probably know already that I work for an Arab Embassy, as a translator. Hence we always had to dress on the modest side – no visible shoulders, no cleavage, no leg above the knees. That was the deal when I signed my contract, and I was fine with that. In fact, business attire rather suits my curves. But then we got a new boss, and the rules slowly became stricter. And it is not that he wrote a new dress code and had it shown to everybody – no, if you dress in something he consideres unacceptable, he will let you know via his personal secretary, who has to tell you, “You know, your skirt is just a tad too short, he did not like it” or “Could you maybe show a little less skin tomorrow?” – or, his latest idea (concerning a conservative Muslima’s head scarf with silver applications), “I don’t like the sparkly design. Don’t wear it again.”

You want to know the game I invented? It’s called PISS OFF THE BOSS WITHOUT BREAKING THE DRESS CODE. I make sure I adhere by all the rules – long skirts, no tight pants, no cleavage, no shoulders – and make sure there is always at least one detail that will probably annoy him. My latest cou: I sewed myself a skirt.


Pretty, right? Here’s a close-up of the pattern:


Today I am wearing it with a simple black T-shirt with a high collar (and have an emergency skirt in my purse, in case I did not sew as well as I hope I did). I also bought a long flowery dress to be worn with a blouse or jacket andmake sure to have a good deal of colors about me most of the time – embroidered giant red flowers on the backside of my black dress and such. Call me petty or childish, but unless he gives us an offical (written) dress code, I am continuing with this game. Boosts my creativity, you know. ^^

Do you have any dress codes at work or other restrictions as to what you may/must do? How do you deal with it?

* Richard’s next project will most likely force him to stay away from home for five days per week, for a period of six weeks at last. We always knew that as a consultant he would have to travel at least some, but this will be the first time for us to be apart from each other for so long. One one hand I am looking forward to it – I get to make all the dinners he really does not like (such as lentils, or broccoli buttermilk soup) and can leave the TV switched off in the evening, I get to sleep and write when I want and can blast my music as loud as I want (or as loud as the neighbors will let me), but on the other hand… sleeping alone in the big bed, no one to talk to at the breakfast table, no one to snuggle with in the evening… we will most likely do skype and such, but it is not the same. Right now my plans include getting the household ready in time for the weekend, so we won’t have to waste time cleaning and grocery-ing on our two days spent together.

Anyone else out there living like this? Any suggestions or don’ts?

* Our balcony garden is coming along fine. Frosts have finally stopped, so this weekend I hope to put our plants outside. But first we need to do a quick trip to the store to get some more potting soil and growing support for the tomatoes. By now I know that I am a good gardener for tomatoes, bell peppers and radish, but the spring onions most likely won’t survive my care. The strawberries have not made up their mind yet, and the herbs have died, as usual. Lettuce worked fine last year, so I don’t worry too much about it (will start planting this weekend), and cucumbers and hokkaido – well, we need some adventures in our lives, right? Still not sure whether I really want to spend the money on a second tiny tree – the apple tree has returned and looks eager to grow some more, but I am not sure whether I want a columnar apple tree or a tiny cherry. Okay, probably a cherry tree, but not sure where to put it… questions on top of questions, you know. At least I know I will get some ready-grown herbs and try not to kill those.

What are your gardening projects doing? Anyone else with a brown thumb out there?


2 Responses to “On work, gardening and general weirdness”

  1. Liathano April 21, 2013 at 10:55 am #

    Das Muster ist ja wunderbar! Ein toller Rock, den würde ich auch tragen. Und ich glaube, ich hätte auch Probleme, mich an einen so strengen Dresscode zu halten, der von willkürlichen Geschmacksfragen durchzogen ist …

    Mein Freund hat auch ein Semester lang in London gearbeitet, das war wirklich nicht leicht. Wir sahen einander einmal im Monat und ich hatte wirklich Probleme, mich allein in der neuen gemeinsamen Wohnung nicht einsam zu fühlen. Wir haben jeden Abend per Skype telefoniert, aber ich war oft gereizt, weil ich mitbekam, dass er total viele neue Leute kennenlernte und selten allein war, während ich den ganzen Tag in der Uni mit anstrengenden Kommilitonen war oder allein in der Bibliothek oder zuhause lernte … daher denke ich, ist es wichtig, viel mit Freunden zu machen (Pyjamaparty!), eventuell neue Bekanntschaften zu machen, sich mit etwas Neuem zu beschäftigen, um so den “leeren Platz” zu füllen, der plötzlich anstelle von Partneraktivitäten entsteht.

    • diandralinnemann April 21, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

      Danke für das Kompliment! Ich finde den Dresscode nicht so schlim wie den Mangel an konkreten Vorgaben, ich will schließlich nicht andauenrd Gedanken lesen müssen. ^^

      Da sind wir mit unseren vorerst sechs Wochen ja noch gut bedient… aber es ist gerade schwer vorstellbar, dass er in eineinhalb Wochen schon in Frankfurt ist. Na ja, das findet sich alles.

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