Weekend travels and disgusting pictures

8 Apr

Last weekend our car finally hit the 1,000km mark. You know what that means? We were allowed to drive fast(er)!! I love driving. On Saturday I went to a fabric market with a friend – she needed a certain fabric for her Wonderwoman cosplay (she is really good at this kind of stuff) and something to dress up for that night’s Stoneage-themed party. I just wanted to show off our car. ^^ But of course I ended up buying a simple pattern and fabric for a nice long blindingly colorful office skirt – the game is called, “Piss off the boss without breaking the dress code”. Yeah, juvenile, I know. But it’s fun.

(You’ll get to see the skirt once it is done. I stopped halfway through Saturday night when I realized I had started attaching the zipper wrong side out.)

On Sunday we visited my aunt – a nice and talkative lady of 71 years who has always lived alone and taken care of herself. Coming from a Catholic family living in a town where women became either wives, nuns or a nuisance, she decided to learn a proper job so she would never ever have to depend on anyone else. She worked with special-needs children as a teacher for decades before retiring to take care of her (by now deceased) boyfriend. Anyway, for several years she has had trouble with mold in her bathroom, or that is what she told me on the phone, so we decided to help her out with some medical rubbing alcohol and such. Imagine my surprise when we arrived and HER COMPLETE BATHROOM WALLS were black. And there was mold starting to grow in all other rooms of her flat with an outside wall. Obviously at some point either the roof or the walls of the flat were damaged, and water has been accumulating in the walls for about a decade. Richard took tons of pictures for her to show to the tenants’ association, who will help her with all written communication and possible legal aftermaths. (And in case the landlord refuses to repair the damage, we will also help her find a cheap apartment and move into it.)

I can’t understand why one would not only risk the value of a property, but especially other people’s health in such a manner. Almost fell out of the bathroom door when I saw the damage. Curious? Wait, let me grab a picture…


My lungs basically started crawling right away. And she has struggled with respiratory problems almost since childhood – I’d bet living under these circumstances has not really helped with that, either!

Well, we spent a few hours talking, she got to meet Richard (and seemed to genuinely like him) and when we left I promised to send her the prints of the pictures as soon as possible. There has already been some communication between her and her landlord (for about eight years), so I hope that things will get solved pretty fast. We have had our share of tenant trouble over the years, but this is indubitably the worst!

How about you? Landlord troubles? Or rather problems with tenants?


5 Responses to “Weekend travels and disgusting pictures”

  1. Leah April 8, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

    When we lived in our apt, we found mold in the master bath. Our kids were sharing that room because it was larger. It took the apt owners two full months to even accept that there was mold and then two full months to fix it. I lived in another house that had so much mold from the kitchen, that it had grown into the carpet. Oh gosh, so gross. I hope your aunt gets that fixed swiftly!

    PS: This is Leah, by the way, from Becoming LA… 🙂

    • diandralinnemann April 8, 2013 at 5:36 pm #

      Thanks for sharing! I really don’t understand why people let it come to this… so gross! And dangerous!

  2. BC April 8, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

    This is absolutely appalling and an unforgivable negligence! I know the German renting differs from renting in the US, but there should be something legal you guys can do. Your aunt’s health has surely been compromised! I hope everything can be resolved quickly! -Beth

    • diandralinnemann April 9, 2013 at 9:20 am #

      By German law, the landlord has to remedy the situation, and she can even reduce rent payments until the issue has been fixed. But she is afraid that he will find a way to evict her if she causes too much trouble.

  3. Magaly Guerrero April 9, 2013 at 11:59 pm #

    I almost hurled 😦

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