Happy belated spring equinox!

1 Apr

Or Ostara.

Or Eostre.

Or whatever. As long as there is cake, I don’t care. And this is the mother of all cakes. A lemon biscuit, lemon buttercream cake with lemon curd and meringues. From what I recall, it containes 16 eggs, more than a pound of butter and the same amount of sugar (if you are not scared, go here to read the complete recipe). Isn’t it pretty? I am planning on taking it with me this afternoon when we visit Richard’s family to give all of us a major case of diabetes. ^^

Some detail. I think the two-colored meringues are pretty, and they are extremely easy to make! OF course I could have done a better job smoothing the cake, but I have extremely sore butt muscles (take your minds out f the gutter! ^^ ) and avoid standing for longer periods. Also I ran out of yellow color before the cream had the intended color, but I think that won’t keep us from enjoying every last bite!


3 Responses to “Happy belated spring equinox!”

  1. Liathano April 1, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    Looks so delicious!


  1. Emergency baking – doing it right! | Knusperhaus - May 27, 2013

    […] covered with chocolate, edible flowers and some glitter. I still had some meringues left over from that other cake I made, […]

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