Balcony gardening

11 Mar

Balcony 1  Balcony 2

This is what our balcony looked like till yesterday morning. Yeah, I know. It only took us about three months to get rid of the New Year’s decoration and empty bottles. That’s just how I roll.

Anyway, I have started planning a tiny vertical garden. Since we get plenty of sunlight after noon, especially in one corner of our balcony, I have decided to expand on last year’s herb, strawberry, tomato and lettuce experiment.

Balcony 4 Balcony 3

After two hours of cleaning, reorganizing and putting together the flower stage, it all looked like this. I did not drill any holes in the wall since Richard was still asleep – that is something for next week. So far (including new pots, soil, organic seeds) the fun has cost me about 110 bucks. We still need a few more pots (especially at least one big pot with climbing help), and I am contemplating putting tough string up on the wall to let something climb in a “sunray pattern” from the left corner. We are also waiting for a shoe-sorting system to put up against the right wall where I want to plant herbs, strawberries and cat grass. The table will have to go, and its place we want more comfortable chairs and a tiny baby table for books and drinks.

It does not look too extravagant yet, but I thought you might enjoy seeing how a self-proclaimed (among other specialties) kitchen and herb witch with a brown thumb goes about the exciting adventure of vertical gardening. There will be more pictures and reports in the near future. ^^


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