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20 May


My life seems to flow uneventfully, so I decided to share some pictures of my recent adventues. Jelly brain, a fair, an automated book return window and, most of all, a trunk-sized play horse I found on the street and adopted this morning (it had been out there for a day at least, I am pretty sure no one misses it – plus the head is almost ripped off and it needs some good decontaminating). Have a great weekend!

We went on an adventure – to Iceland

1 May

We don’t travel nearly as much as I would like, but in April we had the opportunity to visit an old friend who recently moved to Iceland to be a professional pony hugger, and of course we jumped at the opportunity! I managed to pick a still ridiculously large group of pictures out of the more than 1.5K photos we brought back home (for most of which I blame Richard, of course) to share with you. Sounds great? I thought so!

Well, we were gone for a week.

Which Ronja did not like, but we could not bring her. Another friend took care of the cats in exchange for some homemade lemon curd and the opportunity to use our PS4. So we set out early on Monday, having packed everything and the duck, for departure from Frankfurt. It’s a really big and really busy airport. As a contrast you see a view from the FlyBus, which brought us from the airport in Keflavik to Reykjavik. From there we travelled by bus to Hveragerdi, where our friends were waiting for us with a meal and a bed. Both much appreciated!

The next days were spent driving around and trying to take in as much of the country as possible in this short amount of time.

On the first day we miscalculated our schedule and so only were able to see two out of three attractions of the “Golden Circle” tour, namely Thingvellir (where they used to gather to discuss problems and present new laws in the old days), which is a huge national park these days, and Geysir – the name speaks for itself. This was the only day we had a significant amount of rain, so we were very lucky!

Wednesday was spent driving several hundred kilometers to take in the landscape and see two major attractions – the first one being the black beach at Vik. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend going there. Just don’t step too close to the water, the waves are sneaky and pull in several tourists each year. This was one amazing place, and I would have been happy to just stay there for the rest of our trip. Bundled up with a mug of coffee, of course.

The second “big thing” on this trip was the glacier lagoon, complete with seals. It was amazing, and far more so than you can see in the photos.

Thursday was a slow day. We took a walk around Hveragerdi. The hot water from the ground is used for heating, to generate electricity – and it’s the actual hot water coming from the tab at home. Oh, and we just had to buy “möffins”.

And in the afternoon said friend took us on a ride. I hadn’t been on a horse since I was eleven or so, and Richard since the age of five (I guess that doesn’t even count as riding), but we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

On Friday night we were supposed to return to Reykjavik. Before that, though, we followed some advice and hiked up a mountain. The view was amazing! And we were rewarded for our troubles …

… by taking a bath in a hot river! This seems to be a gathering place for hikers and tourists, and it was amazing! Snow on the mountains around you, the air smelling of sulphur, and pale bodies immersed in water that is, depending on where you enter, either almost too hot or just right. We took our time before hiking back down, and then in the evening took the bus back to Reykjavik.

We ended up in a funny little hostel not too far from town with stairs so narrow we had to unpack Richard’s luggage and get everything up to our room separately. It was maybe not too luxurious, but it surely did the trick, as it was warm and kind of quiet (except for the Asian guys partying downstairs).IMG_3323

Taking a break in our room.

The main reason for going to Reykjavik was Richard’s wish to go whale-watching. Which we did, although the sea was declared to be rough. And indeed, as soon as we left the harbor, you could constantly hear someone puking. I was feeling not too well myself, either, but once we were outside I felt better. And we were rewarded by seeing several dolphins and minke whales as well as puffins. Richard also saw a humpback whale, while I spotted only its blow.

Reykjavik is rather small, so you can see everything by walking around half a day. You can also eat amazing hotdogs. We did not visit the phallological museum, which I found kind of sad. And then we retreated for the night, as we had to get up extremely early to catch our FlyBus back to the airport at four thirty in the morning. Of course we started planning our next adventures before we were even back in Germany. ^^

What makes a person a GOOD person?

1 Apr

This is something I have been struggling with for a while. Of course we all know the saying, “If you wonder whether you are a good person, you probably are” – but I think that is not right. Ghenghis Khan probably thought he was the good one. Hitler and Stalin may have thought so as well. Kim Jong Un possibly considers himself “one of the good guys”.

What is good for one may be insufficient or even bad for another person. And sometimes good intentions lead to horrible results. If you’re only trying to do the best and fail miserably – because you don’t have all the information or because you miscalculated – are you good or bad?

Basically I think that most people are neither good nor bad – they’re stupid and trying their best. But this still does not solve my problem.

I am cranky. I am impatient. I have a short temper. Sometimes I am passive aggressive. I feel the need to bitch, a lot. I am nice to my coworkers although I don’t like most of them, and would hit some of them with my car if I saw them in a dark alley. I don’t believe in the “organic” scam and have made my peace with being a carnivore. Sometimes I do not do something although it might be good for someone else just because I am lazy. I don’t like people in particular and mostly just want to be left alone. Ooooh, and I am judgemental as anything.

These are all less desirable qualities, I am sure. Some days I think I should try to be a better version of myself. And then again I think – I don’t have time for this. I am getting too old for this shit. Give me a break.

And then I think – be kind. Everyone is facing a hard battle.

Be kind – but take no sh*t.

To a belated blessed Imbolc full moon!

23 Feb


Celebrations do not have to be elaborate or big, most times simply lighting a candle will do. And isn’t that a pretty way of witching up a glass? Of course you know me, I don’t do crafts. We bought the glass as is, with a few flowers inside. But I imagine if you have some leftover lace or pretty ribbons, you could easily dress up any candle holder as you need it. Very handy if you can’t get to the “sacred rainbow candle store” in time.

Imbolc marks the last bit of winter. The days are getting lighter, but the cold still lingers, and for those relying on their immediate surroundings food would get ever scarcer until well into spring. It’s the end of a long race, where people may be more than ready to give up, mutter, “screw it” and put whatever they were hoping to do on hold … just to survive. This is why the Imbolc candle is a reminder to focus on the light and keep in mind that winter won’t last forever … but maybe don’t hold your breath for the first spring flowers just yet.

Is there such a thing as high-tech witches?

9 Feb

Well, there probably is. I am just starting to find use for modern technology in everyday witchcraft. With a little digging, you can find all kinds of handy digital spell and ritual collections, moon calendars, possibly even a virtual voodoo doll? (Gotta look that one up immediately.)

My latest discovery: Virtual candles. Great for tiny secret rituals at the office when everyone has arrived in a killing mood and it is my job to not stab anyone make sure work goes smoothly. Have I ever told you how much I love my phone?

One downside to technology is that it tends to die on me. My moods and poorly directed energies have killed the poor notebook at least half a dozen time. These days it resembles a zombie, shambling around on my desk and only starting with the help of lots of praying and even more cursing. I am still looking for that mysterious equipment that can handle the occasional emotional explosion. ^^

(Having said this, I have only managed to kill my old iphone once in two years. The piece of sh*t samsung I had before malfunctioned almost every day. I also tend to kill projectors, gaming consoles, TV devices, … – Richard won’t even let me touch the cables. ^^ )

No, you don’t have dented vaginal chakras

22 Jan

I swear.

I also do know that those coming here are rather smart and would not fall for something like this. Still it was a hilarious read at the office this morning. We’re medical translators, remember, so this counts as research. ^^

Somehow many people fall for the idea that, in order to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual health, you constantly have to “fix” something – add stuff to your day, deny yourself something, do more, tweak your routines, be better. And by doing this, they stress themselves out, always looking for the next supplement or superfood or secret regimen that will give them what they think they cannot achieve otherwise – perfect health.

Don’t get me wrong – I love alternative cures and trying out new weird stuff, and I am very passionate about all things “health”. But somehow I don’t think that adding to already stressful days will help anyone except the guys peddling those “cures”. With most topics such as yoga or pilates or green smoothies I would say, go ahead, try it and see whether your body likes it – and whether it is sustainable in everyday life. But some things, such as stuffing your orifices with obscure tiny teabags or doing coffee enemas (I am not making that stuff up) or timing your eating and drinking periods throughout the day so your stomach won’t turn into a “swamp” and somehow mysteriously leech all health from your body (still not making it up), are downright ridiculous, or worse.

Our bodies have been finetuned by millenia of evolution. Our ancestors survived droughts, hard winters and periods without any food or shelter. They ate bugs, drank mud and chewed on bark. They probably did not get their nine hours of sleep each night, did not have special sleep-inducing lights and, in most cases, had never seen sweet potatoes or quinoa or pineapple – or whatever else is pushed on you as part of the caveman diet, “clean eating” or “mystify your diet chakra” (yes, that one is mine).

Detoxing as it is sold at hilarious prices is unnecessary. Your body knows how to do that. Drinking your weight in water (or anything above maybe two liters per day) does not help your body flush toxins – in fact if your blood is too diluted, your kidneys will do a less stellar job of catching the grub floating through your body. High levels of vitamins will, in most cases, not improve your health – water-soluble vitamins and nutrients will just be flushed out by your kidneys, and fat-soluble vitamins may even be stored in your body and build up to levels of toxicity. Unless you are indeed ill, your body is an expert at getting rid of the stuff it cannot use, without regular enemas or flushes or detox cures.

Instead, why not try taking things slowly? Don’t add to your day, but detract from it. Make life more simple. This morning I read how one could “eat clean” on three bucks a day by making everything yourself, from mayonnaise to stocks to rolls, and honestly – do you have the time for that? I don’t. Compromise. Find out which things are important to you and which are not. Take reasonable shortcuts. And don’t forget to have some cake.

The new year is starting of knusper as well …

6 Jan

Yes, I know, it’s been a while. And what has been on my mind?

A bathroom altar.

Yes, you read that right.

Not one of those fancy “beauty and wellbeing” things, but something more down to earth. Fortunately I have not yet made room for one, although it has proven beneficial to light a candle in the “tiniest room” every now and then. *coughs*

Apart from that … stories. And exercise. Later I will have my first professional training session at the local gym. You know me, I hate the gym. But as I have promised Richard that we may do an obstacle race together sometime this year, I will have to work on my strength and stuff. Running ten kilometers? A breeze. Doing one lousy push-up? Forget it!

Oh, and I suspect I may be becoming lactose-intolerant. Cutting out all the good dairy stuff at the moment as an experiment, to see whether it was something temporary or whether I will be better off without my beloved icecream after all. Of course we live in a world where lactose-free anything is readily available, so it is kind of a luxury problem.

I have done a new year’s tarot reading, but am not sure yet whether to share it with you or not. I have found that I should use the cards more often in general, they have a soothing effect on me. (Which not only Richard enjoys.)

What about you?


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